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Readers Respond: Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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The best player? We've got stories about celebrity pool greats, up and coming players to watch for, and we've got a short list of the best pool shooters, ever. But we'd love to hear you sound off on who you think tops them all!

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More About Greenleaf!

By gum, we want to hear more about Ralph Greenleaf's play! Share your memories here or by e-mail!

Ralph Greenleaf

Today's generation of pocket billiard players would have a very difficult time competing against Ralph Greenleaf. Having watched him play in the 1930's, his declining years, there was noone that had the competiveness of him. He was almost always unbeatable. I was amazed at his ability to easily run rack after rack with amazing cue ball control even with his unusual "right side arm" style that went against, and still does, the guidelines that stress a vertical forearm being the only way. At 90, I'm curious to know if anyone alive today has seen him perform.
—Guest Dick

Straight Pool is the only real game!

Straight Pool is the only real game in pocket billiards. The others are half luck. I'm a tremendous Straight Pool player, hardly ever losing in my life. 8 ball, 9 ball, etc., one can lose to a lucky player. Straight Pool is long term with calling the pocket and strategy to continue running balls. The other games you can lose by being left nothing rack after rack. I can't believe people rate people on these bogus short term games!
—Guest Larry Davis

Mosconi was best!

Mosconi was the best pocket billiards player ever! If he played in his prime today he would win championship after championship, just like he did in the old days! Comparing Mosconi to Reyes is a joke! If you believe Reyes is the best ever, you are a comedian and you should audition for AGT!
—Guest Larry Davis

greatest pool player

Without a doubt Efren Reyes, when he won a world championship there were 160 plus top players. Not 24 seated players like mosconi did. He also plays 3 cushion billards at championship level. He also plays great straight pool, after just learning the game. and in his prime no one could beat him at one pocket. or 15 ball rotation witch he can play both right and left hande. No wonder he is the greatest and a humble great person.
—Guest srv

Best player

Efren Reyes is a great player, but the fact that now a days, nobody plays 14-1 much anymore. Everything is nineball or 8 ball because watching call shot is tedious for an audience and lost it's appeal as a watchable game years ago. Willie Mosconi was probably the best call shot player of all time, but they didn't play a lot of nine ball back in those days, so comparing modern day players to players of old is virtually impossible. Never seen Efren play call shot so I have no idea how good he is at the game. I'm sure he's very good, but just wonder how often he's played it.
—Guest jim

Ron Dooley the best pool player

seen him play , no one beats him a true gentleman
—Guest william

the man

ron "just like that" dooley is the man!!! his vids on FB are the best. no man can handle his stick like ron.
—Guest jason m

Best Pool Player

Luther Lassiter was the best, from his hustling days in North Carolina and Virginia to his television appearances in the 70s, he mastered both hustling and competitive play.
—Guest Storelli


If you asked Earl the Pearl Strickland who is the best player he ever played or lost to?? he would say Efren Reyes!!! Johnny Archer used to watch Efren Reyes play. Johnny is Even scared at bustamante in money game!!
—Guest Babyface

Come visit Philippines!

If there is anybody that you know that can really play good..., tell him to go to the philippines or taiwan and play for some money and respond over here if they won cuz it ain't gonna happen..
—Guest Babyface


If Efren Bata Reyes was white, all of you haters will say he's the greatest. He is the Michael Jordan in pool. Best in cue-ball!!
—Guest Babyface


The best true talent if not for substance abuse is Keith McCready. And he's beat the Magician. But Mosconi by far. Hands down shouldn't b an argument.
—Guest Cody

please give Efren Reyes this message

Hey Efren, how are you! Well I'm writing because in 2010 I seen you in las Vegas at the Riviera hotel and you signed a "what would Efren do" shirt and even put your nickname on it which my husband says is very rare. My husband loves you and thinks you are one of the greatest players to ever live. Well last year our apartment building burned down and we lost everything. Everything is replaceable except that shirt that you signed for my husband. I want to see if there's any way, if I could find this shirt again, if I could send it to you, or give you the money to order one and sign it and send it to me.. it would mean the world to my husband Tony and myself. I hope you get this message and can find it in your heart to do this for me. Please let me know via Facebook, email; bran926@gmail.com, or phone; 813-400-0697. Thank you so much! Just now

Efren "the magician" reyes

If we are talking about hands down the best all around pool player of all time then it has to be Efren Reyes! The man is many times champion and world champion of many pool games. He has beaten such greatest player nominees as Earl Strickland and Mike Sigel in challenge matches! He is considered the greatest One Pocket player of all time. You can say Willie or Ralph Greenleaf would win in Straight Pool, but in a long set in any other game nobody would come close in his prime!
—Guest Raymond

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