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Training Is Useful...


Go for yours and make inroads to improve your game, now!

...But There Is No Substitute For Experience
Billiards Spotlight10

Straight Pool Action - A Look At An Amazing Billiards Game

Straight Pool can be made as level for players as the surface of a new pool table. It gets handicapped by skill level...

Q-Skill, The Pool Game That Gives You A Self-Ranking Of Skill

You can simulate these exciting pool and billiards games using one suit from among a deck of cards.

Gospel Trick Shots News for July 2014

Hopkins Super Billiards Expo with 9 Ball competition, GTS Shows, Bobble Ball, and GTS events.

Fun Pool Games - Bowliards And Fargo

If you shoot the balls in rotation order (as in Nine Ball or Rotation), they score 2 points each. Otherwise, they count as 1 point each.

Nine Ball - How To Win More Often

Changing the cue ball from position D to F brings me to a near-100% success rate in pool on this sequence. How about you?

Break To Win In Nine Ball

The key to winning Nine Ball at your level of play is let the other man or woman do this instead.

"Cannonball" Eight Ball Variation

It has helped countless players to see that running Eight Ball can be simple if you think carefully and choose shots in the correct order

10 Reasons You'll Never Be A Great Pool Player

Next article - more reasons to stay bad at pool or not.

5 More Reasons You'll Never Be A Great Pool Player

Professionals aren't stupid. This is an area where the amateur can play better by doing less. And they should.

Razzle, A Chicago Pool Game Variation

Razzle is an interactive game where partners discuss the next shot before it is played, opening a great opportunity.

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