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Readers Respond: Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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The Magician

Efren Reyes hands down. If all greats played him in their prime, Efren would come out on top. Each time, everytime. His creativity and mastery of 6th sense physics is phenomenal. Humble in life but formidable on the table, Efren whips out some shots others consider suicidal or a sure scratch only to drop it deliberately into the pocket.
—Guest gustador

Best ever

Chan Whitt is quite possibly the best pool player the world will ever see -Mike Massie
—Guest Dan Sykes

Best Pool Player

I will stick with Willy Mosconi. If he played Efren Reyes, Willy would find a way to beat him in 9 or 8 ball.
—Guest Mike Montalvo


norman hitchcock at the old trueloves poolhall in okc broke everybody who came to play in the 60s .he didnt like to travell much or he would be more well known.
—Guest jaybo

Best pool player ever lived!!!

Craig Stephens 60s to 70s was without the best pool player that has ever lived He was Jimmy Hendrix in the pool world Craig Stephens is King of Kings on a pool table I've seen them all!! He spotted top players 7and 8 playing 9 ball He was a pool God!! He played for days at a time!! I'ts a shame there's not films of him not missing a ball for hours at a time He carried a cue ball in his pocket to messure his shots, I can't say in words what i've seen this pool God do !!!!!!!~ . ..
—Guest Randy Davidson

Best Ever

Ralph Greenleaf,Willie Hoppe to name two! I think Willie was Taught by Greenleaf. I am happy to hear 14.1 is back. Great game!!!!
—Guest twroman

Best of the Best

Mosconie was alright but pretected his reputation. Efren Reyes was the best for a long while. Buddy hall shot his lights when efren first got states, playing 10-ball a ten ahead for 10 G's. Buddy was a student of the greatest all-around player ever. Vernon Elliot. He made earl cry everytime they played. Vernon busted Earl and Earl would break down in tears and cry. Vernon beat Mike sigel and his stakehorses out of 60 g's in one night.Towards the end sigel was so erratic Vernon played safeties on him just to humiliate him even when the out was there and for the taking. Vernon beat bugs 4 times getting 9-8 at full banks. And he won somewhere around the neighborhood of 900 dimes over a three day period in detroit. he beat truman even, doing everything. He beat shannon and his Daddy out of 20 thousand. Beat Mike carella. Best 9-ball player ever was chuck morgan he gave jersey jack the 7 for life. Riggie played about archer's speed! Archer would need the 7 from chuck. Vern beat C. w/the 8

one of the best pool players ever

I saw craig play many times he could hours and never mis s a ball this was in the mid 60s to the early 70s I believe in his prime he was unbeatable!!
—Guest craig stephens

impossible to answer

Too many great players out there. No one person dominated the game. Everyone can be beaten at any time. Some great talents were jonny ervolino, nick varner,mike siegal, buddy hall, efren reyes, george mcculloch jr, johnny archer etc.
—Guest matthew astoria, queens

No doubt about it

I personally was with and have grown up wit the best all round pool player ever,in 1969 in Johnson City Ill. Jersey Red and WIllie were having a conversation ,I was 3 feet from them,Jersey asked Willie "who do you like this year"? His immediate answer was,"that Hall boy is the best pool player I have ever seen!! I beleive his championship wins speak for themselves 12 time world champion,5 time all around titles,and if the best players told the truth they were all shot down by Buddy many responses were "if you don't get a shot how can you win? When it came to the big money games Buddy Hall took their money!!They know who they are without fronting out anyone, and today the young guns try to out shoot the "Rifleman", but they better cary a big gun!!!
—Guest Danny Spann


Johnny archer is one of the best ever,-the man can Run Out like an old school fool !!!!!
—Guest RB

best player ever

mosconie was achamp at straight pool. efrem is the best all around player EVER>
—Guest dick miller

best player ever

William Mosconi, by far the best player ever. Watched the 1941 World Champion Tournament and saw the best ever.
—Guest donllinsay@hotmail.com

Best Pool Player Ever

Willie Masconi ran over 500 consecutive balls in tournament 14:1 twice to win the world championship both times. He was the best of the best.
—Guest Craig McMillen

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Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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