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Readers Respond: Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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—Guest DON L

Reyes the Bestest

No doubt about it, Efren is the greatest! His 1999 WPC win put the game of pool at the height of popularity. His mastery of the safety game impacted on every pool player today such that nobody can win a tournament today without considerable knowledge of playing safe when necessary. He has produced the most scintillating and near impossible shots during tournament game itself which is why he is called the Magician. Analyst are baffled by the way he prepares for a shot and could not predict his next move on the pool table. He is simply amazing during his prime. Unfortunately, he is now hobbled by dimming eyesight brought by age.
—Guest Winner Resty

Efren Reyes

Leo, ten consecutive racks is nothing believe me, Siegel and Johnny Archer did that early 90's at their prime. what I want to point out here Mr Reyes plays well and at a competative level all games of pool abv his pals.His creativity is unmatched on the table.
—Guest Terence

Kid Delicious

Look for money players on there own table. Lose some money... then close the door an bring home the bacon.
—Guest Dan

best hustler and all -round player ever

I once seen him run 21 racks of 9-ball on a 3x7 bar table in Orlando, fl. put him and anyone in a room with 10 thousand dollars, he would be the winner. He shot with a slip stroke, and was a champion on any table. I do know how good he was ,I backed him a lot. I sent tommy kennedy home , after the beating I put on him in Orlando. Ask tommy and he will tell you about jr grissom
—Guest tony howard ( ONE-EYED TONY

Efren reyes

Makes difficult games look simple! And can play very well under pressure and come back to the game irrespective who his playing,his a magician.
—Guest Godfrey Mandis


Ralph Greenleaf best ever this man would go 6 months a year and not even touch a cue pick one up and run 6,7,8,racks run 200 to 300 in straight pool he could do it all he was a true player,but i think shane vanboing is going to be if not already he offerd efren the 8 and efren wanted no part of it
—Guest chino

Efren Reyes

Alex Pagulayan said, "Oh, he is not a human... hahaha!". That tells you how great he is cuz Alex is already one of the best players in the world...
—Guest Satoshi

Efren Reyes

Pool has a very rich history of great world champions, so to choose the greatest is to some degree,very debatable...many believe that efren is the greatest because of his achievements but for me its his impact to the game of pool that makes him the greatest ever...his skill and pool knowledge is truly a stuff of legends...
—Guest pool fan

ron dooley the best

Ron Dooley trick shots all over facebook and you tube in my book he is the best hands down!
—Guest jason

Efren Reyes..

because efren reyes is the best all-around around player.. and we're talking in pool here.
—Guest mark kevin

Efren Reyes

You guys blathering on about tournament wins and mult-ball runs really don't understand this game. Strictland, Siegel, Reyes, Hall, Mosconi. . . All these guys were incredible players on a different level than everyone else. But only one of them revolutionized the way the game is played through safe leaves and didn't just change the game through creativity, but would invent shots in the middle of games. This is only a debate if you don't have any idea what you're talking about.
—Guest Jason

Efren Reyes

Efren reyes ALL THE WAYYY. my dads friend used to play with him.
—Guest Christine

Reyes and Mosconi probably best ever

You should Wiki the name Efren Reyes and see his accomplishments and most all other living professionals today say he is the best player in modern times, maybe ever. Mosconi, Between the years of 1941 and 1957, he won the World Straight Pool Championship an unmatched fifteen times. Mosconi still holds the officially recognized straight pool high run world record of 526 consecutive balls All these other hustlers have not proven themselves in sanctioned events, so get real!
—Guest PatrickLA

jerry wylie the coyol ee

i watch jerry run ten racks at the virginia open in 1978 for the cash in back room buddy hall he,s a world beater huster
—Guest leo jordan

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Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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