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Stun and Amaze With the Trick Pool Craze!

Pool and Billiards has an exciting subculture of players striving for more and more extraordinary trick shots and (sometimes dangerous) stunts. Juggling six pool balls won't help you shoot them in the pockets (other than improving your hand-eye coordination) but studying trick shots, you might learn a technique to take to a real game situation to win.
  1. Easy Proposition Shots (14)
  2. Happy Accident Trick Shots (10)

Trick Shot Exhibition - Artistic Cup VII Competition
We only have three spots left to compete for the over $5,000 in added prize money by Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman our sponsor.

Christian Sticks - Shooting Worldwide Now
These fellows have the Christian sticks--and they're showing them to thousands of eager participants around the world.

Off The Chalk and Into the Woods
A simple trick shot, performed simply by a modest, simple fellow like myself. Even a child can do this one!

The Never Missed Bank Shot
One of a number of easy but highly entertaining pool trick shots from About.com.

Updates To Gospel Trick Shots Calendar
Updates To The Gospel Trick Shots Calendar...

Y R Wing Shots Good 4 U? - Trick Shots In Billiards
We specialize at About.com in teaching trick shots billiards and caroms, clever moves that speed the balls into the pockets. This week, we explore why wing shots are good for you to shoot.

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