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When Your Jump Cue Lacks Jump - White Diamond It!

This New Jump Cue Tip Rocks


Jump Cue, jump cue tip

Jump Cue

Photo courtesy of Joseph Picone Cues
Tired of lacking a quality jump cue? Tired of a jump cue tip that won't get the job done?

A Better Jump Cue

I believe White Diamond jump cue tips offer a workable solution. And no, I was not paid to endorse this product nor did they send me one. I was given this tip recently. Piccone White Diamond jump cue/break cue tips are multi-layered fiber and resin tips, not the phenolic tips that took pool by storm some years back--but without being able to hold cue chalk well. or at all.

Take a clean, flat ferrule, glue on your new jump cue tip and all is well. You can rough the new tip with sandpaper and you're off to the races, so to speak. After only a few strokes, I was used to my new jump cue and jumped better than I ever have before, whether using an orthodox or dart/spear grip on the cue stick.

Some of the many highlights from the manufacturer's site:

  • The "Picone White Diamond tip" is not a phenolic tip. Phenolic resins are hard and brittle and although they do make the ball jump as well as break hard, can be difficult to glue and very prone to miscues.
  • It allows you to put english on the cue ball. You can jump with english, stop the cue ball, even drawing it back. (Heck, yes, I can! -- Editor)
  • Tips can be glued on with most common Super-Gels or epoxies, and are much less prone to popping off.
Buy two and get the third tip free from White Diamond. And, crush all your opponents soon.

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