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“Pool Hand Luke” – How To Pendulum Your Arm's Arc Better

One Move To A Better Range Of Motion At The Table


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Make your pool hand obey your shoulder's whim and play better

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The classic pool stroke resembles a perfect arc in shape. I say "resembles" as it can be a bit more complicated than that, with subtle movements of the wrist, cue and fingers altering the movement.

Lots of players strive for a pendulum motion but few achieve it. I have yet another pool secret to share with you, this one a pool hand motion that will guide you to a near-perfect arc with minimal effort.

It's A Hand-To-Shoulder Existence To Get Pool Right

Using a near-immobile shoulder and upper arm to allow one's forearm to hang down at a right angle to the cue stick where you grip it is good technique-except that holding any part of your body rigidly produces unwanted tension that can wreck the billiards stroke, twisting the stick off line.

Stand to the table using a classic stance, and simply draw your shooting hand straight back as though you wish to hit yourself in the shoulder with the backswing and again on the shoulder of your shooting arm with the follow through. Voilà! A near-perfect arc motion, with the upper arm remaining in place without any clenching or tightening.

Ensure that you aim your hand to move toward what would be the front-most portion of your shoulder when bent over the table (the top of your shoulder, at the deltoid muscle, while you are standing upright).

Please Note: You will not use this exaggerated range of movement on all strokes, but it will train you toward a correct and flowing stroke motion, making your game better and better.

Try this as a full stroke and also as your pool hand going up toward the shoulder on either the final backstroke or forward stroke only. You should see an increase in power and accuracy immediately if you also orient your shooting arm to the shot line and your body in balance as recommended throughout this website.

Standing To A Classic Stance The Classic Pool Stroke Pool Stance - A Big Secret! Pool Stroking Techniques

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