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More on Buying Pool Table Slate

The Slate Is Key


More on Buying Pool Table Slate

A section of quality pool slate

Photo (c) Ardosia Nacional 2007
The pool table's slate bed, the smooth section under the felt that makes a level pool table surface, should be installed without dent or crack. A fine, new slate would make even a Michelangelo drool over the beautiful, smooth stone.

A quality pool table slate is key to a level playing surface and allows the pool balls to roll along the felt smoothly, without curving or taking sudden alarming turns!

In contrast, dents and cracks on old billiards slate become "wobble spots", places where balls do strange things. Slowly roll balls over a used table to look for indications of cracks or a poor level.

A one-piece pool table slate is the most expensive type, but three-piece makes for a superior table, slates assembled from several pre-fabricated sections, as one heavy slab of slate can sag beneath its own weight.

Never buy a billiards slate that cracked and was glued together again without care, unless the reassembly was done by an extremely skilled professional repairman.

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