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Pool Practice Moves You Should (And Should Not) Do

Here's How It's (Not) Done


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Pool stroke straighteners are always welcomed

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Here's a great chance to make a "game" correction for an avid player. "Captain BW" writes me that:

"On your article, Matt, about pool stroke this is how I practice. Please tell me what you think.

Before I play I go through my routine from stance to grip. I hit a ball from one end of the table to the other and stop after my follow through. I wait to see where the ball comes back and do not start to play until it regularly returns to the tip of the cue where have finished my stroke.

Sometimes I takes a little while but it seems like good practice."

Pool Practice Cheat

I love the discipline you exhibit. Going through your stance routine is like cheating at pool--it makes you that much better a player!

The issue is in the practice routine itself. Simply put, what if the alignment on the table is off? Then your straight stroke drill will not give you truth.

You can always practice a straight stroke along the diamonds inlaid on the rails of the table. Even better (by a magnitude of about 200) is to use the CueTrack Stroke Trainer as reviewed here on this site. Gerda Hofstetter strokes 250 times a day through her CueTrack, and she was already a top pro before she got a unit.

Here are the fun "drills" I recommend to get your stroke warm before you play pool. It's like perfect practice and pool cheating!

- 1-Ball Moves

- Super Straight Shots

- Quick Stroke Straightener

--Keep those pool and billiards questions coming in to About.com.

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