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Understanding How To Generate (Or Avoid) Pool Throw

Throw In Pool Can Be A Boon Or Bummer - We'll Show You Both


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Avoid pool throw with avoidance of sidespin in today's lesson by Mike Mattice

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Pool throw refers to the physical act of billiard balls clinging together long enough to ruin--or cinch--a shot. We'll show you how to use pool throw to do either in this article.

Pool throw is a nasty little beast of a physical action that can take (on occasion) an otherwise good shot and send the ball to the wrong spot. Did you get that? Due to pool throw, you made the correct shot but the ball walked off line anyway.

You see, pool balls cling together at impact for thousandths of a second before releasing apart and heading on their way. Outside english allows the cue ball to roll or "gear" around the circumference of the object ball so there is reduced "cling" and therefore, throw, otherwise, "The President would have sunk the thirteen, but throw induced by the First Lady's makeup (she touched the cue ball after touching her makeup) ruined the shot."

That's right, dirt or chalk on the balls--yes, chalk from your cue stick that lingers on the cue ball which in turn chalks the object ball at impact--can knock a shot off line.

You ought to learn that the average stroke has a bit of sideways action to it, and that the spin frictating can help pull off a successful shot, as with the touch of sidespin or body english the pros add to shots to make them more securely and avoid excessive throw.

Even better, Mike Mattice of Ohio shows us a way today to eliminate the unwanted sidespin that can enhance pool throw and cause shots to wander far afield in error. See the next page for more.

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