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Stroke Techniques

Not all pool strokes are the same. There are strokes that will challenge your imagination. Learn the secret techniques of the billiards pros.

Bank Shot - Magic Spot Advice For A Multi-Rail Bank Shot
Sinking a clever, multi-cushion bank shot is made simple using this aim method. Presented by About.com's good friend, Marcel Elfers of Washington.

Breaking an 8-Ball Rack With Power
Stop action unretouched photography shows the power of a skilled 8-ball open break.

Different Pocket Billiards Strokes And Tips
Try these moves. A whole list of power, break and bank techniques, and more.

Understanding How To Generate (Or Avoid) Pool Throw
Pool throw refers to the physical act of billiard balls clinging together long enough to ruin--or cinch--a shot. We'll show you how to use pool throw to do either in this article.

Easy Draws It - Play Pool Right and... Smoothly
Want to play pool like the masters? Use this simple technique to "suck the rock with massive draw" and play pool right.

Force Draw Shots
The force draw shot is exciting and wild, yet controlled. The beginner has something to dream for--the ability to place massive spin onto the cue ball.

Learn Pool - Four Different Ways To Stroke The Cue Stick
There are four ways to create a basic stroke in pool--these are not four types of stroke but four ways to produce a basic motion with the shooting arm.

How Billiards Experts Stroke The Cue Stick
I give 17 reasons why every good billiards player shoots a certain way.

Jump Shots
It's fun, it's fast, it's three dimensional--it's the cool pool jump shot. And, even a beginner can master this simple technique.

Pool Draw
I recommend the triple loosen technique for pool draw. It works. What's your take on drawing the cue ball?

Draw: Level vs. Jab Stroke
Interestingly, there are two basic types of draw strokes that can be learned, and one may fit your pool skills better than the other.

Pool Stroke Fixers - Easy Corrections For Flawed Billiards Motions
Play these three balls as shown for ultimate feel and technique in our sport.

Reverse Slip Stroke
The reverse slip stroke is a powerful technique to learn. The cue is literally thrown through the hand and then caught again.

The "Body Slip" Stroke
This is another of those out-of-the-box pool techniques that may pleasantly surprise you.

Pro Pool - Ten Billiards Tips Your Opponents Don't Know
Ten items came to mind recently when I was tapped for "tips from a pro pool teacher..."

Slip Stroke Technique
The slip stroke is a technique that many players do on an unconscious basis. You may want to experiment to add it to your game.

The Right And Wrong Ways To Draw the Cue Ball
The secret to a lovely draw shot lies in not lifting the hand abrubtly, before the stroke begins.

The Tight Center Stroke
This is a shot any rank beginner can do, if they know how. It is a terrific play to make on work close to the cue ball.

Top 8 Basic Pool Strokes
The myth promulgated by "top" instruction books insists that most all pool strokes are the same. They certainly are not--and some of my favorite variations on the classic pool stroke are herein documented.

Turn a 9-Ball Rack To Powder!
Crushing a 9-ball rack like the pros is easy when you know how--and here it is outlined for you in stop action photos.

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