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Pool Draw - Accomplished Far More Easily Than Before


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Learn How To Draw With This "Deep Secret"
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Pool Draw

Photo (c) Matt Sherman, licensed to About.com, Inc.
The challenge is cast, learn how to draw accurately. This is a thing almost no one I know has... but they can learn.

I asked you on the previous page to study the diagram before the "shocking answer" was to be revealed. Go back one page on this GuideSite and review briefly--if you haven't already.

Almost no one I know uses this shot, and I'm including Double A and Masters level billiards players in my assessment...

Hit the cue ball using two tips of draw (draw taken from approximately two cue tip widths down from center ball) and a soft stroke. Let me repeat exactly how you need to learn how to draw -- use a soft stroke here.

Learn How To Draw And You'll Demolish Your Opponents

Do you see? Do you get it? Do this stroke a few times until you can make the shot from sinking the 13-ball in Pocket X to gain the correct angle on the 14-ball at (approximately) Point Y. You will be able to stroke smoothly, gently, yet confidently while the bangers who never learned how to draw with style bash the balls with all their might.

This draw stroke is absolutely parallel to the old saw of "learn how to ride a bike and you'll know how instinctively forever." Once you master this draw stroke, you'll use it thousands of times in your pool career...

And onlookers and your opponent will always think you hit it harder than you did, keeping the secret...

Remember to use the top of the cue tip at impact with the cue ball...

And check in on these other secrets for more draw help with the below links... enjoy as you learn how to draw better than ever!

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