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Monster Tables - 5' x 10'

The Big Boy!


Pool Table Size, 5' x 10' Monsters, giant pool tables, large pool tables, regulations pool table

Giant pool challenge provides some thrills

Photo courtesy of Castle Mountain Lodge

Pool Table Size - Monster Billiards Tables

"Five by tens" are rare monsters five feet wide that were in vogue during the first half of the last century. They have all but disappeared today due to their immense challenge and cost.

The great size of the 50 sq. ft. playing surface made poolrooms less practical for owners. Besides possibly frustrating the clientele with their difficulty, the space required for each table reduced the income potential per square foot of available play space.

Many tables of this type are valuable antiques, beautifully crafted by inspired table makers. A champion's run of one hundred or more on one of these giants with tight pockets at Straight Pool would be the equivalent of three hundred shots or more without a miss today.

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