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How To Rack Pool Balls Tightly

Before They Crack The Rack, Tighten The Screws


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How to rack pool balls and 200 other things about pool here at About.com

Photo (c) Matt Sherman, licensed to About.com, Inc.
"How to rack pool balls better?" sounds elementary, yet a few secrets to racking balls is shared in today's feature. Racking well is simply good billiards etiquette.

The best defense in pool against the incoming player's break is a tight, well-formed rack. Here's how to rack pool balls and "make it so":

1. Place the balls in the triangle (or diamond or special shape) rack, fingers and thumbs behind the balls as you move the whole assembly to its resting place.

Ensure the balls slide, not roll, along the cloth. This is done by placing your fingers behind the balls in the space surrounding them in the wooden or plastic (or composite) rack.

2. The extra space will now be used to your advantage. Nudge the rack forward so the extra space is equidistant around the sides of the balls.

3. Now that there is space surrounding the balls, the rack may be safely lifted up and away without disturbing the pack.

Twirl the rack around your hand, like a Western gunslinger twirls his Colt, for an added flourish before putting the rack away.

And now you know how to rack pool balls the best way.

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