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Pool Trick Shots - The Double Blind

This Shot Was Pretty--Pretty Ugly, That Is... But A Happy Accident Nonetheless


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The game plan for one of the worst (best?) pool trick shots ever made

Photo (c) Matt Sherman 2009, licensed to About.com, Inc.
One of the most classic pool trick shots. Or was it?

An About.com reader writes that:

"...The craziest accidentally made billiards shot I've ever "pulled off" was in a practice game of APA-rules 8-Ball. I didn't feel like playing defense for whatever reason. I was on the 8 and all I had was a 2-rail cross-corner bank, (as pictured alongside this article) and my opponent's balls were blocking me everywhere else.

So I shoot the shot. I hit it with something resembling center ball or topspin but used too much of an elevated cue angle. You probably can guess what happened (the cue ball goes airborne towards the floor and my certain defeat).

Meanwhile, the 8-ball hits the rail and it too flies into the air. The two balls met in mid-air and bam! The 8-ball fired right into the corner pocket I called for the win!"

Another happy billiards accident here at About.com. Thanks for sharing one of the world's most fortunate pool trick shots.

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