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Pool Trick - Stack The Rack Fab-u-lous Pool Trick Shot


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Pool Trick
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A trick shot for the ages when you stack the wooden rack

Photo (c) Matt Sherman 2009, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Turning a trick shot is easy--if I teach you how. This is a rarely employed but clever and VERY simple billiards trick shot stroke.

If you haven't already, review Stack The Rack Fab-u-lous Pool Trick Shot on the previous page to setup your mark for this lovely trick shot con.

Once the wager has been laid, take your rack, the triangle used to cluster balls together before the break, and place surrounding the yellow 1-ball as shown. Shoot the cue ball into the rack, which both drives the four balls to sink in one pocket while deflecting the cue ball backwards to sink the six.

Per your proposal, the 1-ball was never moved, or even touched!

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