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Building Pool Excitement - How To Build A Pool Table

It's never too late (or early) to take a crack (pun intended) at woodwork


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To build a pool table can feel like a giant project unless you use resources

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Have you seen an ad like "Build Pool Table? Help!" So, nu, how to build a pool table? We lead you to super resources to build a pool table, here at About.com.

It's Actually Easy To Build A Pool Table - When You Have the Vital Know-How

We love reader interaction here at About.com. Young Trey writes:

"I'm trying to make a pool table in my woodworking course and I've been trying to find pool table dimensions but it's difficult. I found your pool site and I wanted to write to see if you can help me with my plans.

It's a fun project that I've been wanting to work on!"

We agree, Trey. Let me point you in the right direction if I can, helping you to build a pool table on your own:

1. Woodworking Safety - Your shop instructor will be guiding you, but remember to work with all safety gear for hands and eyes, and if you do lots of whittling, varnishing and edging, wear a mask also. People who make wooden pool cues must take great pains to avoid toxic inhalants, let alone an entire built table.

2. Pool Table Dimensions - Look no further than About.com for your needs. I have posted concise arcticles on calculating space to surround your pool table, and for general table dimensions, more than half-a-dozen articles in our Table Sizes Section.

3. Other Helpful Resources - I can confidently recommend some great resources, too. Doug Walters is one of my best go-to guys for pool table crafting and knowledge. He would certainly love your correspondence, Trey, and comments from anyone else looking to build a pool table at home or for a truly memorable school project. He can point you to the right specifications.

Here's a video I appreciated of people building a billiards table. You'll love this video also of people building a table at light speed!

A solid pool table, taken care of per Mr. Walters' recommendations, will last for many decades. Your school might be able to use the table for students for 100 years if it is taken care of properly.

Thanks again for writing and keep those questions coming in, please.

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