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Instruction: Pool skills taught and secrets revealed


For too long, myths have prevailed on how to inject power and style into your pool game. Work through the exercises within and watch your billiards soar to stellar heights!
  1. The Best Ways To Stand To The Table
  2. Cue Gripping and Wrist Work
  3. Aiming In Billiards
  4. Classic and Slip Strokes
  5. Power Breaks (and Soft Breaks)
  1. Draw - Right and Wrong
  2. Clever Strokes
  3. Trick Shots Made Simple
  4. Honing Your Skills Made Fun
  5. The Mental Side

The Best Ways To Stand To The Table

With some exceptions, most players would do well with this particular or "classic" stance. Read more to find out why...

Cue Gripping and Wrist Work

The heart and soul of pool flow from an accurate hold on the cuestick. But how to make the classic pool grip, a thing of function and power? Take a look at a typical pool grip from several different viewpoints and the six functions of the wrist.

Aiming In Billiards

How do you aim at any given object ball? Learn to aim the cue ball accurately, sink object balls, and set all the balls in position for upcoming shots.

Classic and Slip Strokes

Review the elements of a great stroke and consider "slip strokes", techniques many players do on an unconscious basis that you can do purposefully. You may want to experiment and add this power to your game.

Power Breaks (and Soft Breaks)

Crushing a 9-ball rack like the pros is easy when you know how--and here it is outlined for you in stop action photos. Plus tips for Eight Ball and also more gentle break shots to start a game.

Draw - Right and Wrong

A lovely draw shot, spinning the cue ball backwards from impact, lies in not lifting the hand abrubtly, before the stroke begins. And check out our eight tips on perfecting your draw action!

Clever Strokes

It's fun, it's fast, it's three dimensional--it's the cool pool jump shot and more. Even beginners can master some of these techniques.

Trick Shots Made Simple

The secret’s out! These are selected trick shots requiring little pool skill, knowledge, preparation or practice! Illustrated herein are sure-fire winners to entertain at your local pool hall. Have fun!

Honing Your Skills Made Fun

Get sharp - it's the edge of a pocket that can make the difference between the Win and Loss columns.

The Mental Side

The last frontier for pool man to explore is the mental plane.

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