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We Review The CueTrack Stroke Trainer

About.com Rating 5 Star Rating


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The CueTrack stroke trainer offers feedback at a variety of perception levels

Stroke trainer photo courtesy of CueTrainer

The Bottom Line

The CueTrack, a stroke trainer and alignment trainer, delivers lots of bang for your pool buck. It can be used by anyone to soon take their game to the next level.

The old (and inaccurate) days of using a Coke bottle to practice a pool stroke are long gone. The CueTrack works on a table or any level surface, and may even go connected to a camera tripod to practice specific jump or massé strokes.

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  • Durable, with a quality construction
  • Flexible, easily adapting to different pool skill levels
  • Provides a high level of feedback in correcting the stroke


  • I wish I had it sooner. Where was this product a decade ago? It gets our highest marks!


  • The white center line marking the middle of base provides a handy visual confirmation on stick alignment.

  • The CueTrack's tailored dimensions make the student lower their cue to stroke and get to the ideal, near-level position.

  • The sleeve adds weight and heft to a personal cue. 5 CueTrack strokes give as much feedback as taking 50 regular strokes.

  • The sides adjust easily to vary between a new pool player and an expert player's needs/desired degree of straightness.

  • The instruction guide is clear and provides advice on using the CueTrack with and without balls and with or without a table.

Guide Review - We Review The CueTrack Stroke Trainer

My entire family of pool players was intrigued to play test Tony Mattina's "CueTrack" as soon it came out of the delivery box last week.

Assembly was a snap. The CueTrack comes carefully and securely packaged, but my 14-year-old daughter both removed the contents of the box and had the unit fully assembled in less than two minutes.

Rods designed to hold your cue stick from wavering to either side during a stroke are easily loosened or tightened, allowing for all skill levels of player from beginner to expert to adjust to suit their game. The accompanying sleeve fits tightly over any size stick to protect a personal cue from wear and tear during trainer use.

The unit is well constructed and weighs about three pounds. The CueTrack's weight is roughly equivalent to a rack of nine balls placed on the same table space, therefore, the unit is stable enough to resist a misstroke but gentle enough to be used safely on your billiards table in real time. And if you are strong enough to move the CueTrack off the shot line entirely, you've received good feedback to gentle your stroke per the guide booklet that accompanies the device.

The CueTrack was originally designed to help the player self-define an ultra-straight stroke for the game of Straight Pool. Straight Pool demands precision in every aspect of pool shooting from speed control and aim to strategy, combinations and caroms, and ultra-accurate ball placement for the cue ball and object ball. The CueTrack rises to this challenge and is therefore suitable for your great improvement across all pool, snooker and billiards games.

I've personally benefited from using the CueTrack and recommend this product heartily to you.

Their are multiple points of feedback on the CueTrack to aid the pool student. (See "Description" fields above.)

Order From CueTrack's Website - Tell Them Matt Sherman Of About.com Sent You

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