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Tips Of English - The Double Pro Kick System


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A Fabulous System
tips of english

The Drill Instructor's Tips Of English System is a powerful tool for pool

Illustration courtesy of TheDrillInstructor.us
The latest action from Dominic Esposito, "The Drill Instructor." The DI will get you moving this month with Part II of his phenomenal and easy-to-absorb Tip Kick System. -- Matt "Quick Draw" Sherman

This is the second part of the Drill Instructor's Tip Kick System I started teaching you last month. Remember, the entire system is showcased in Volumes # 1 and 8 of my Pro Skill Drills books and DVDs.

A Stunning Kick Scenario

In this month's scenario your opponent has executed a skillful safety that blocks the cue ball. Unlike last month's simpler kick shots for close-in work, the object ball you must now hit is further than three diamonds down the length of the table. Like the previous introduction to the system, however, the typical approach path is blocked by an enemy object ball.

Last month as discussed, marking the diamonds from the shooting side of the table made your shot calculations a breeze. This month you need to learn numbers on the far side of the table. Count in half-diamond increments and the cue ball's location starts our count at zero. If you want to review first, visit The Tip Kick Pro System.

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