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Matthew Sherman

Matthew Sherman

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Matt "Quick Draw" Sherman, author of several nonfiction books including the book and DVD combination Picture Yourself Shooting Pool, has appeared dozens of times in print media and on television promoting and teaching the sport of pool and other entertainment. Contact him via e-mail.


Quick Draw has taught hundreds pool fundamentals and advanced techniques while directing leagues, tournaments, charity events and adult ed courses. He is a "pool physician," curing student faults in moments, who also innovates teaching tools. He offers free help online at About.com and travels widely for group and personal pool clinics.

Sherman is on the instructional staff for InsidePool Magazine, the billiards publication with the largest circulation, including three yearlong series, "The Year of Pro Secrets," "The 8-Ball Debates" and "Get In Shape". He has also appeared internationally on television and in print.

As an entertainer and emcee, Sherman has brought pool to CIA intelligence officers, movie actors, jazz singers and rock guitarists. He has appeared on NBC, ABC, CBS, Discovery, HGTV, VH-1, TNN, C-SPAN, and on radio, and has been quoted in the L.A. Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Las Vegas Sun, New Orleans Times-Picayune, Parade Magazine, Time and Time Europe.

Sherman formerly directed the University of Florida's pool competition in Gainesville, Florida, with a proud history of producing six national champions. His current roster of students include players of all skill levels from beginner to pro and top finishers in a variety of regional and national events.

You can also read more about Matt's current and past work on his Google Profile: Matt Sherman.


Sherman has worked with some of the top pool teachers in the world, including Donny "The Grumpy Old Coach" Lutz, who holds 50-plus years' experience on the tables and has recorded 200 pool league and tournament titles including 42 league MVPs. Lutz has been named to The Top 20 Pool Instructors.

Sherman and Lutz have paired to win five doubles titles and frequently pair to develop training methods and to help review and reform pool rooms. Others who have collaborated with Sherman include playing pro and top teacher Dominic Esposito aka "The Drill Instructor", also named to The Top 20 Pool Instructors, pro and Guinness World Records trick shot artist, Jason "The Michigan Kid" Lynch, and pro and world-traveled "evangelist of pool" Steve Lillis.

By Matthew Sherman:

There are 54 quadrillion different pool shots you can make on any pool table--that's one mathematician's skilled estimate. But over and again in 35 years of shooting pool, I've encountered basic patterns, routines and shots to strengthen your game.

I love About.com and its chance to show you the innovations and classic strategies used to build pool champions for over a century. I'm your Guide to Pool and Billiards adding to your enjoyment of learning better pool. Thanks for taking your journey with me.


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