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Readers Respond: Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

Responses: 69


best player ever

mosconie was achamp at straight pool. efrem is the best all around player EVER>
—Guest dick miller

best player ever

William Mosconi, by far the best player ever. Watched the 1941 World Champion Tournament and saw the best ever.
—Guest donllinsay@hotmail.com

Best Pool Player Ever

Willie Masconi ran over 500 consecutive balls in tournament 14:1 twice to win the world championship both times. He was the best of the best.
—Guest Craig McMillen

the best

I'm Filipino and Efren is the best Filipino player in the world--even if old, still he can play!
—Guest jojo

Reyes or Strickland

I think Strickland is probably the best shooter of all time, but Effren is a better all around player and person.
—Guest Jack

dont know who this is

we will never know because you cant get them all together to play for money out of there own pocket . they have to be under the same amount of pressure to see who can outshine who. Thats impossible now so we will never know. besides its paul newman hands down ! LOL
—Guest joey b

tony drago & efren reyes

both of them are the best player ever... nice setting
—Guest corn tall

Efren Reyes - no doubt !

Some of his achievements in the past ! 2003 Mid Atlantic 9-Ball Championships 2002 Challenge of Champions 2002 Shooters Labor Day Weekend Open 9-Ball Champion 2002 Cafe Puro Challenge of the Masters Champion 2002 World Pool League Champion 2001 Tokyo 9-Ball Champion 2001 World Pool League Champion 2001 Masters 9-Ball Championships 2001 Color of Money II Winner 2001 Supreme Masters of Billiards 2000 U.S. Open One-Pocket Championship 2000 Camel Pro 8-Ball Championship 2000 Pennsylvania State 9-Ball Championship 2000 USA Billiards Challenger Event 1999 ESPN Ultimate 9-Ball Challenge 1999 Victor Chandler World Pool Championship 1999 Derby City Classic - One Pocket Championship 1999 Sands Regency Open 29 9-Ball Championship 1999 All Japan Championship (Japan Open) 1998 World 8-Ball Championship 1998 South Jersey 10-Ball Championship 1996 Sands Regency Open 9-Ball Championship 1996 The Color of Money 9-Ball Champion (Reyes vs Strickland) 1996 PBT World 8-Ball Championship 1996 Legends 9-Ball
—Guest Earl

Richard T. Riggie

Best I ever saw and played against was Richard T. Riggie, of Baltimore! Twenty-five (25) times Maryland State Champion, High Run - 247, World One Handed Champion, High Run - 98, The best Trick Shot Artist w/over 42 different trick shots! Those that ever met "Riggie" know he was a true gentleman and a great "pool player". Played at Plaza and Klein's Billiards in Balltimore and around the country! Beat Mosconi in a tournament and Willie was Hot!
—Guest Dick Cox

Is there really a best player ever?

Mosconi was probably the best straight pool player ever and in his generation that was the game to play. As times have changed so has the games in pool. Efren Reyes it probably the best ALL AROUND player ever. He plays EVERY game at a championship level. Probably the best one-pocket player ever, during the late 80s early 90s perhaps the best or most consistent 9-ball player. He has had numerous 150 out matches in straight pool tourny's and has held his own against arguably the best 3-cushion billiards player, Blomdahl. Nick Varner is probably the most decorated all around player with World titles in multiple disciplines. The Derby City mega tourny is the modern test of all around performance and Reyes has won the one pocket division 5 times, 9-ball division 2 times and overall 5 times. With the caliber of the players today and his longevity to play well into his 50s is truly amazing and a testament to his greatness! Bata is the best ALL AROUND player ever....PERIOD!
—Guest Shane

the Great Batang Efren Reyes

A humble man with unique style and for sure is the best
—Guest Fer

efren bata "the magician" reyes

try to compare his games to other best players and you'll figure out that he is the best of the best.
—Guest viktor kartel


Yes, he is an amazing billiards trick shot artist and all-around engaging personality and entertainer deserving of special mention.


Semih Saygıner is one of the my favourites and bests.
—Guest Clark


I had the pleasure to see one of Willie Mosconi's exhibition in 1962 and I have seen numerous dvd's of Efren Reyes. They are from two completely generations and I for one would have liked to see both of them play each other to determine who is indeed the best. Unfortunately it is left for argument. Therefore, I vote of Mosconi in the past generation ( Prior to the 1970's) and Efren Reyes in this generation. It's difficult to pick only one as the best.

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Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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