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Readers Respond: Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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the Great Batang Efren Reyes

A humble man with unique style and for sure is the best
—Guest Fer

efren bata "the magician" reyes

try to compare his games to other best players and you'll figure out that he is the best of the best.
—Guest viktor kartel


Yes, he is an amazing billiards trick shot artist and all-around engaging personality and entertainer deserving of special mention.


Semih Saygıner is one of the my favourites and bests.
—Guest Clark


I had the pleasure to see one of Willie Mosconi's exhibition in 1962 and I have seen numerous dvd's of Efren Reyes. They are from two completely generations and I for one would have liked to see both of them play each other to determine who is indeed the best. Unfortunately it is left for argument. Therefore, I vote of Mosconi in the past generation ( Prior to the 1970's) and Efren Reyes in this generation. It's difficult to pick only one as the best.

Efren Reyes! No doubt.

What you see is what you get. Most creative pool player of all time. He is the best. That's all.
—Guest Jersey Pool

Efren Reyes

If you don't know why, there's a short docu/interview of him that will be aired in Philippine TV today Sat, 5:30 pm , IBC 13 Live AKTV channel. You might have to wait a few more hours. It's still 12:05am PH time as of this post. If you happen to watch, you may reply to this post and tell me what you think.
—Guest D_nerv


Don Willis, Canton, Ohio. Nine ball hustle; any game.
—Guest leon martin

Its Reyes

Based on the different number of opinions here its Reyes..so its Reyes:)
—Guest ayi

Lessons from The Mosc

You had lessons privately with Willie Mosconi? I'm sure everyone wants to hear more on this.


I watched Mosconi from the front row of the Elks Club in L.A. when I was about 14 years old. Watched him win two World Chanpionships running out the table in one match, the other players never leaving their seat mostly. I took lessions from him in his L.A. office building school. Unbeliavable great, but, I saw he was.
—Guest bklein

The Magician

It's Efren "The Magician" Reyes...Imagine he used aliases to hide his identity so he would be allowed to compete...That's incredible...
—Guest Greatest

best pool player ever

ron dooley of Staunton,va. best I ever saw !best trick shots which he invented some ran over 100 many times 130 in row with witness!
—Guest Jan K

Efren Reyes

No doubt, efren reyes is the best of all the best. it dosent matter how many tournaments or price money you got or lost, its about how you play the game and how unique your style is thats make you the best player in the world and that my friend is EFREN REYES! He can play any ball tournament and still keep his accuracy in a talented way.
—Guest Efren Reyes

talk about all around

Nick Varner is the only player ever to win World Championships in 5 different pool games. Not Mosconi, not Sigel, not Reyes. Though he may not be the best in anyone elses opinion He also holds the record for most major titles in one year (9 ball) 11. He was down 9 games to 2 against Sigel in the U.S.Open championship and came back to win 11-9. He is truely a great player and a great person. Most people have never seen 1 pocket but Varner is said to be the best ever. He is the only pro to have 7 runs of more than 250 balls in straight pool. So he may not be the popular choice but he certainly ranks among the very best ever.

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Reasons Why Your Boy (Or Gal) Is Best

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