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Billiards: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Tips For Buying a Pool Cue That's Best for You
Here are some helpful hints on buying your
Correct Pool Table Dimensions - What Space Do...
When gauging pool table dimensions, how big a table and how much free space do you need are vital questions. Answers are here.
How To Choose the Right Pool Cue
Your guide to narrowing down choices and selecting the best possible custom pool cue.
Learn to Aim Your Billiards Shots Like the Pros...
I'd love for all billiard players to know the truth regarding the real secrets of aiming in pool-the
How To Replace A Cue Stick's Tip Yourself
How To Replace A Cue Stick's Tip Yourself
Choosing A Smart Pool Cue
Unless soft tips help you truly pocket every ball you look at, stay clear of them, in my opinion.
What Are the Rules and Best Strategies for...
9-Ball's game rules and strategy are deceptively simple. But there is far more to the action than meets the eye.
9-Ball: Rack And Break Tips And Strategy
Here are some fast tips to sharpen your 9-Ball racking, breaking and more instantly.
Stance: The Big Secret!
This may be the most important article you'll ever read as a pool player. 99% of casual players are lining up improperly at the pool table and here are the step-by-step wrong and right ways to shoot pool.
Challenges of Playing on Different Pool Table...
Pool Table Sizes: Tables measuring 4' x 8' have a key disadvantage (okay, challenge)...
Which is Better, a Light or Heavy Pool Cue?
Use a billiard playing cue weight that is light or heavy? Do you know how to choose? We show you how.
What Are the Rules and Best Strategies in...
The outer simplicity of 8-Ball, however, belies its sublime strategy. Top 8-Ball demands more creative thinking than a rotation game such as 9-Ball, plus more clever shot sequencing with precise control of the cue ball, too.
Custom Cue - Brand Recommendations From An...
“Which brand or maker of custom cue should I try and buy, Matt?” is heard at many of my pool lessons. Here's what I say...
Break Shot Tips - Ten Top Hints For Pool And...
Drum roll, please! Here are ten top tips on break shots in pool and billiards to help your open breaks scatter the balls to the four winds.
Best Billiards Strategy: How To Break In 8 Ball
When discussing the best 8 ball breaks, including how to break in the 8 ball with this all-important stroke, it becomes necessary both to emphasize basic break strategy and specific 8 ball break technique. Victory in 8 ball pool at times requires (rules permitting) a commitment to sink the 8 ball on the break, and at other times, a mere shattering of the rack to spread the balls effectively to win the game.
How to Play Pool Like the Pros (Tips and...
How to play pool like the pros, using my ultimate tips and techniques.
How to Make Basic Bank Shots in Billiards
Aiming bank shots in pool and billiards with precision is easy, if you use this method, which relies upon an aiming secret you already know.
How Much Space Do You Need for a Pool Table?
Calculating accurate pool table space requirements? Let our guide help you.
Champions Pool Technique - This Shot Trains...
This is little known, but is perhaps the best pool shot to train your eyes in making other pool shots.
4 x 9's Are The Best Table Size - Here's why
The 4' x 9' table size is the best, commonly used for top tournament play, and here's why.
How To Straighten a Bent Shaft
Don't throw away a bent cuestick! A warped shaft can easily be straightened again and the cue made ready for play.
Pool Stick High - Who Was The Best Ever With A...
Who is the best ever to wield a pool stick? Is there a clear way to determine the best at the sport?
8 Questions to Ask Before You Get a Pool Table
Price alone is not an indicator of table quality. There are questions requiring forethought before you purchase a pool table.
Pool Training - How Pros Really Aim In Billiards
Pool training you can take to the bank, hustler.
8 Pool Strokes You Should Learn
Here are my 8 top pool strokes, there's more than one way to hit the cue ball to win. Here are some of the most important techniques for the beginner to learn.
Pool Table Sizes And So-Called "Regulation...
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >The table is the
Deadly Defense Drill - How To Mark A Big 8-Ball...
Lovely defensive drill--as when cutting to balls to pockets to make them blockers--ODO pool shots.
Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Pool English
Pool english question of the day as a reader takes their object balls for a spin.
How to Aim the Cue Ball and 'Ghost Ball' in Pool
How does the pool professional take aim at billiard balls, those sometimes difficult-to-discern spheres far away across the table? Review our step-by-step look at traditional and professional pool and billiards aim methods.
The Two Things Top Shooters Don't Do
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > and you'll score more than ever. Get back
Should You Shoot Pool On A Bar Table Or Not?
Should bar pool tables be used at all by the serious pool player? Here's our debate showing both sides of the issue.
How To Become A Professional Pool Player -...
How to become a professional pool player by skipping hours of tedious drills to do my preferred billiards training methods, while having fun!
The Right And Wrong Ways To Draw the Cue Ball
The secret to draw the cue ball accurately lies in not lifting the hand abrubtly, before the stroke begins; step-by-step photos and techniques.
How Do Top Pros Practice Pool?
How do top pros practice pool? Jump in for more of Donny and Matt's 8-Ball Debates...
A Classic Pool Stroke, Step by Step
There are quite a number of different stroking motions that can be made with the shooting arm to pocket
10 Billiards Tips Your Opponents Don't Know
Ten pro pool tips your opponents don’t know, brought to you by About.com
Step-by-Step: How To Aim Bank Shots "On The...
The very easy way to make a bank shot or kick shot and understand all the moves.
Billiards Instruction
You asked for it this billiards instruction! Ten of the obvious (to me, and soon to you) errors pool shooters make to lose games, throw off their rhythm, and ruin and otherwise good evening of pool.
The Best Pool Aim Systems
The dramatic conclusion of my aim primer for pool and pocket billiards.
Choosing The Right Cue Stick For Pool
What are the typical weights and sizes in a custom cue? Which choices are right for your game?
Ghost Ball Usage - Sectional Pool Aim and The...
We're going back to the ghost ball method of aim to teach you sectional aim -- the ghost ball replacement method of the billiards pros.
Buy A Pool Table - How To Buy A Pool Table Right
Buy your next pool table, new or used, the smart way.
Billiards Shot - Over A Dozen Tips To Improve...
Over a dozen billiards shot tips in an article geared to improve your pool skills.
Pool Cue Tips - How To Choose Between Pool Cue...
A shameless request for info on pool cue tips becomes a pool cue tips compendium.
Don't Shaft Yourself When Fixing Your Cue
Also, strong grits of sandpaper (rougher than 800-grit) will wear down the shaft and change its play quality over time.
14 Ways To Play A Safety Shot
Have You Considered These 14 Types Of Billiards Safety Shots?
Most Expensive Pool Cue - Luther Lassiter's...
A Luther Lassiter cue joins the ranks of fabulous pool cues hitting auctions this year and vies for the title of the most expensive pool cue.
Buy (Or Don't Buy) a Pool Jump Break Cue?
I am answering a probing question today regarding that ultimate show stopper, the jump break cue. Do you need a jump break cue at all or should you separate tools?
Predator Cues - Deciding Between Other Cues And...
Choosing between Predator cues and other quality cues is like deciding between Peking Duck and Russian caviar. So here's how to decide.
Aim Primer 5: Contact Point And Half Ball Line
Continuing our Aim Primer from behind the cue ball with more information on dividing balls and the contact point. Regardless of cue ball direction of travel, and discounting concepts of collision-induced throw and etc., the cue ball can come from any direction yet strike the 2-ball on its contact point to sink it.
How Billiards Experts Stroke The Cue Stick
How billiards experts stroke the cue stick is less a matter of debate than of fact. I give 17 reasons why every good billiards player shoots a certain way.
Pool Table Size - Know The Difference With The...
Overseas, people want to know whether they should use “American” or “English” for their base pool table size.
How to Play Last Pocket Eight Ball
Take on 8-ball with a difference with this often money-saving game of Last Pocket Eights.
Draw: Level vs. Jab Stroke
Interestingly, there are two basic types of draw strokes that can be learned, and one may fit your pool skills better than the other.
Hot Pool Games - 7-Ball: Rules & Strategy
7-Ball is one of the pool games taking America and the world by storm. Learn the rules and subtleties of this fabulous game.
Which Aim Methods Are Best?
Which Billiards Aim Methods Are Best? Let me start by telling you why different aim methods work best for different players.
How To Remove the Cue Shaft Finish
Some find the slick finish manufacturers add to their cue shafts distracting during play. Learn how to remove and replace a cue shaft's finish.
Kick Shot Pool - The Kick Shot Properly Aimed...
A kick shot in pool is the annoying little bugger where you need to drive the cue ball to a cushion before it rebounds to strike your target object ball. The pool kick shot can be converted to a deadly weapon of pool skill—you'll look like a pool hustler--if only you have a simple way to aim them with precision.
Top 3 Shaft Tapers - The Pool Cue Taper And You
No two custom pool cues are the same. The taper of the shaft offers a range of control options in determining play. Here are all three tapers.
How To Aim Cut Shots - Pool And Billiards
Continuing our multi-article aim primer, detailing every method top players use to play cut shots successfully in pool and billiards. Part of a multi-article series.
The Cue Sticks Of George Balabushka
The cue sticks of George Balabushka are unequaled in history. Learn why and explore this fascinating man's legacy.
Understand Cue Ball Angles - The Best Billiards...
Understand Cue Ball Angles, The Best Billiards Tips
How To Round Your Billiard Cue's Tip
It takes just a few minutes' time to care for your cuestick's tip, and the effort is well worth it.
Bank Shot - Magic Spot Advice For A Multi-Rail...
Sinking a clever, multi-cushion bank shot is made simple using this aim method. Presented by About.com's good friend, Marcel Elfers of Washington.
The Power Break In 9-Ball - Crush The Rack To...
Crushing a 9-Ball rack with a power break, like a pro, is made easy when you know how--and here it is outlined for you in stop action photos.
A Billiards Craze Worth Checking Out, "Three...
Three Ball is a terrific little game that looks easier than it is and provides amazing moves. See more about this wondrous pool game.
Play Pool Games - Or Are They Playing You? -...
Play pool games in your spare time? Are you more serious that that? What are the best possible pool games to play and why?
Straight Shot - Drill It, Kill It! (How To Sink...
Drill Your Next Straight Shot - Bar none, beginning and intermediate pool shooters (and not a few experts) are stymied shooting a straight shot, one where the cue ball and the target object ball rest along a straight-in path to the pocket.
8-Ball Or 9-Ball, And Why?
8-Ball Or 9-Ball Billiards, And Why?
Aim Primer 7: Ghost Ball vs. Contact Point Aim
Use the ghost ball or fire directly at the contact point in pool and billiards? I've got the whys and hows here as part of my ultimate pool aim primer.
How To Choose Pool Cue Tip Materials
This article will help you learn what pool professionals appreciate in their most important investment--a great cue tip.
Moves For An Improved 9-Ball Break
I teach you moves for an improved 9-Ball break, and with amazing and achievable results. Enjoy, pool players.
Pool Ball Weights - Be Careful As They Can Be...
Pool balls can vary, surprisingly even on the same table in a set.
Can The 9-Ball Be Made On The Break Consistently?
A reader sees EIGHT 9-balls on the break in a row and asks me to explain the mystery. I give readers a break tip, too.
Don't Look At The Object Ball When Aiming In...
This instruction may startle you, but an average, even a beginning pool player, should look neither at the cue ball nor the object ball for aim.
How To Control The Cue Ball - One Magic Stance...
Cue ball control mastery becomes yours with this one simple move.
Arm And Wrist Motion For A Classic Billiards...
What arm and wrist motions are made through the classic pool stroke? Probably not what you think. Catch the action with text and photos.
Getting The Best Pool Sticks For Your Money
There is likely a weight bolt inside the butt cap that may removed or changed at will to change the weight of your playing cue. Experiment.
The Laser Pool Cue Enabled - Our Full Review Of...
If you've dreamt of owning a cue laser, dream no more! Ted Schulze's cue laser aimer, the Laser Stroke, is ideal. Read our full review...
4 Steps To Choosing The Perfect Pool Cue Price
The essential costs/pool cue price range hasn't changed much in 20 years so here's the 4 steps to picking the right stick.
Repairing Dents On Your Cue Stick's Shaft
Repairing Dents On Your Cue Stick's Shaft - how do to it on your own, step-by-step.
Breaking an 8-Ball Rack With Power
Stop action unretouched photography shows the power of a skilled 8-ball open break.
Pool Definition -- Slop. Pool / Billiards.
A Proper Cue Stick Grip - Do It Right
It's time again to look at the proper cue stick grip--here it is in words and pictures along with pro secrets of grip.
A Critical Shaft Component - Your Pool Cue...
The shock terminator of pool, the ferrule absorbs impact. Keep it clean and damage free and it will reward your pool game.
How To Get More Power And Accuracy On Most Pool...
Come straight into the head ball with relaxed power. Too hard can be as bad as too soft.
How To Sink Balls On The Break - Sink More...
How to sink more balls on the break? I'll tell you how the pros do it and how to straighten your break stroke at the same time.
2 Wrong Ways And The 1 Right Way For Shooting...
Shooting pool with english, you are likely to miss your target or miscue without using the methods I describe. Here are reasons to shoot with carabao english.
The Draw Cross Shot
Crossing the table with draw spin (underspin) is not the first thought for many players--but it works. Check out this technique for pool and billiards.
Without This, You Can Never Become A Great Pool...
Because I use a trusting stroke even on shots I'll miss, I'm continually enhancing my confidence and fundamentals whether I make or miss a shot.
George Balabushka, aka "George Herman Balabushka"
Aspiring creators need many years to produce the best. Fortunately for the world of pool, George Balabushka handed down many trade secrets...
Pool Sticks - Do You Know Their Parts And...
The ferrule, tip hardness and shaft flexibility combine to help provide feel for the next pool, snooker or cushion billiards shot.
Pool Sticks, Wood or Fiberglass, Perhaps?
A reader mentions the possible differences between wood cue sticks and fiberglass, which is making a splash. We take a quick and closer look.
Overcutting Balls - Fixing The Most Common...
What I've learned about overcutting billiards cut shots is akin to fixing the average duffer's slice in golf or all those sidearm Frisbee throws that curve off target almost immediately.
Jump Shot Tips - Cues And Methods
All about jump shots including aim, technique and special equipment to get you high faster and cheaper, too.
Newton's 3 Laws Of Motion - Practical Pool And...
Apply Sir Issac Newton's physical laws with me to accomplish nifty strokes at the pool table. This article outlines laws of motion relationships to great, straight strokes and powerful break shots.
The Killer And The Mosc Part V: Ralph Greenleaf...
Young player Arness will need his best to defeat Mosconi--here's why.
How To Create The Classic Pool Grip
The heart and soul of pool flow from an accurate hold on the cuestick. But how to make the classic pool grip, a thing of function and power? Take a look at a typical pool grip from several different viewpoints.
How To Aim In Billiards - Tried And True Tips
How to aim in billiards using tried and true tips. Here's a quick rundown of some of the aim tips and techniques I share in pocket billiards clinics and individual lessons.
English In Billiards - The Bane Of Many...
Pool Definition -- English: The use of english in billiards, what it is, what it does.
Technique In Aiming The Cue Ball - Aiming In...
One of my best techniques for aiming the cue ball is described including a helpful illustration.
How To Shoot Pool - Competition Tips From Top...
Learn from my coaching of regional and national champs how to shoot pool better in competition and friendly play.
Stick To This Solution - Under \$300 U.S. For A...
Unless you are hustling pool and want to look strange and also have a bad cue, here's how to have a great cue for under $300.
How To Sink More Rail Shots
Pool and billiards becomes quite a different game when the balls sit near the rails. And don't get me started with snooker. Here's how to solve the problems.
How To Break Hard In Pool - Snap The Break
Here are super tips on how to break hard in pool, and with style.
The Noble Game of Six Ball
6-ball provides a quick test on pool. Rack 'em, scatter 'em and run 'em--but will you find Six Ball easier or tougher than running a game of Nine Ball? Check it out.
Perfect Pool Practice - 3-Ball Break-And-Runs
Here is another of my practice drills that are fun for beginners and easily altered to make them challenging for more advanced players.
7 Kinds Of English And When To Use Them
7 Kinds Of English And When To Use Them? Dig into our billiards plays with relish because you're about to learn english many players don't know.
The Ultimate, Definitive Pool Movie List
We salute a pool movie--actually, a list of very hot pool movies to die for and dive into.
The Best Pool Cues May Not Be Straight Cue Sticks
The best pool cues may not even be straight. Here's why.
Aim Primer 1: Introduction And Aim Techniques
Playing professsionals use a wide variety of aim methods; Fraction Aim, Edge to Edge Aim, Ghost Ball Aim, Contact Point Aim, Parallel Aim, Pivot Aim, and other aim systems. How to choose the correct methods are outlined within.
Use One Thumb To Help Get Ultimate Cue Ball...
I am a cue ball control maven, work that white ball as I demonstrate and pool and billiards are easy.
The Fun "Circle Pacing Drill"
A day of practice for pool and billiards? Everyone hates billiards practice! I make it fun instead with a few simple routines.
Meet the Greatest Pool Hustler of All Time
Vernon Elliott was one of those pocket billiards legends who never played tournaments before the public but cashed against all the great. Here's his story.
Pool Cue Length And Weight - Searching For The...
Seeking the Holy Grail of sticks by weight and cue length is a pastime for millions--but the real news is inside our story--the true pool cue length.
Sneaky Petes Pool Cues And House Cues
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >House Cues If
How To Run A Rack - 8-Ball - Step-By-Step - The...
How to run a rack in step-by-step photos detailing the four kinds of balls that come up in an 8-Ball or 9-Ball rack.
Mini Pool Tables - Billiards Trouble Or...
Far too small to offer a true test of skill, these are toys for young children mostly. Learn about the correct sizes for pool tables.
A Full Review Of Lee Brett's The Secret Art Of...
If you learn Lee Brett's stroke, and he gives you details on his DVD to master it, your stroke will have taken full advantage of pro secrets.
Wood Pool Cues Are Where It's At
The best cues are wood pool cues, not graphite and other Space Age materials, and here's why.
How To Practice Pool Skills Effectively –...
How to practice pool skills effectively and get on a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement.
How To Seek the Right Billiards Instructor
Finding a billiards instructor who knows how to instruct billiards is less easy than most think.
List Of Existing Pool Leagues - And How To...
This list of established pool leagues comes with my recommendations for improving local and national billiards and pool leagues.
Hot Pool Break Tips For Differences Between...
Looking for break tips? Some of the best break tips are recorded in this unique article.
Pool Table Rails
Three little tricks you can use to test pool table rails on a new or used table you seek to purchase or play upon. Show them how cool you can be at the poolroom even before play begins.
Minnesota Fats, aka "Rudolph Wanderone", "New...
Minnesota Fats was a legend of pool and remains so today. Here are all his fascinating details in one place.
Learn to play the speed of the balls in pool
Pacing beats chasing on most shots, which is to say, play the cue ball right now and the next object ball will be easy to shoot also, as I demonstrate.
Don't Aim During The Practice Stroke - Here's Why
Practice stroke aim comes with a warning, don't do it. Here's why the correct practice stroke will enhance hitting your target, rather than destroy your aim method.
John Schmidt, Pool's "Mr. 400"
class="no-js" itemscope itemtype="http://schema.org/Article" > itemprop="description" >Name And Pool
How To Improve Fast
How to improve your billiards skills fast? Work the following routines daily or as often as you can.
Pool Tables 101 - A Book Review
What precise details do you need to look for in a new or used pool table to get the best value? How can you repair and re-felt your table accurately on a budget? What key questions should you ask of any pool table dealer or installer you shop?
Actually Hit The Cue Ball Where You Aim With...
It’s a frequent occurrence for me to spend 15 minutes to correct the player habit of fudging the address position. Here's how to fix it yourself.
Box Method of Aim
The orange line bisecting this box from the center of the pocket opening through the middle of the 6-ball will indicate the contact point where the cue ball is to strike and it is extremely important in pool that...
Aim Through Center - Pocket More Balls This Way
Take aim through center ball or is there a more subtle way to pocket balls in pool and billiards?
How To Hold A Pool Cue With Your Hand
How to hold your pool cue? Let's take a closer look, shall we? I outline the correct use of the hand and where to hold the cue stick in your hand.
Some Of My "Secrets" For Running A Pool Table
Here's how to run out at the pool tables more often. Even the pros want to do more than one of four 9-Ball racks if the pressure is at a maximum.
All About Natural Strokes - Play Like A Pro
Shoot like a pro using this method. A winner every time.
Pool Draw - Accomplished Far More Easily Than...
I've reduced pool draw to (one!) easy step anyone can follow for improved billiards play.
How To Rack Pool Balls Tightly
How to rack pool balls better is the question answered today, and with a few secrets in this feature.
Pool Ball Drills - Killer Safeties To Win...
These double-sided pool ball drills develop intense safety skills to win games.
Pool Definition -- Ball-In-Hand. Pool / Billiards.
The 45 Degree Stance
With some exceptions, most players would do well with a stance angled at 45 degrees to the shot at hand.
History Of Pool - Pool Ball Progression
John Wesley Hyatt saved elephants from pool extinction, by inventing modern plastic, as part of the legacy of the history of pool.
Billiards Equipment - Buying The Best Pool Balls
Pool and Billiard balls are made from a durable plastic resin that is highly crack resistant under stress. This so called “phenolic resin” represents a big change from...
Great Pool Tricks - The Never Missed Bank Shot
One of a number of easy but show-stopping pool trick shots from About.com.
How To Play Pool Using English
There are still more ways to play english at the pool table. Be sure you get your head wrapped around the three above-other ideas will come to you, especially when your cue is twisted off straight but it looks like the shot may still be made (hint, hint)...
Aim Primer 4: Instinct Vs. Fraction Aim
Aiming the cue ball using instinct vs. Fraction Aim... continuing our aim primer where every different method used by the pros to aim object balls is illustrated. You may catch up on past reads first if you wish.
The Real Deal On Aiming Pool
I'm going to tell you the real story on aiming pool. This is the pro method to ensure better play at billiards.
8-Ball Pattern - With The Drill Instructor
Another great lesson from The Drill Instructor By Dominic Esposito Practice Drills That Develop Consistency

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