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Cue Tips - Exploring Different Brands Of Cue Tips For Replacements

Moori or Talisman or ?, pool cue tip replacement can be a challenge


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Cue tips on display, proudly

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Whether you plan to exchange cue tips immediately or no, here's a closer look at what billiards pros are into lately for their cue tips.

A pro teacher I am close to let me know what cue tips are doing the trick for him lately. He writes:

"Keep in mind that the softer the tip, the quicker it will lose its original shape (some pool players taper their tips a bit to allow for mushrooming). The pros use harder tips so that they don't have to constantly re-work their tips.

Softer tips are for extreme english and massés. Most pros use medium-hard to very hard tips--you can often tell by the sound of their hit--that "clink" that I didn't used to like, but am becoming used to. [Guide's note: I am still not used to the hard hit or the clink sound these super hard tip surfaces create during play.]

Most of my tips are medium/hard Mooris. I have a medium Triumph with a phenolic backing which is fairly soft, some even softer Royal Oak tips, and an Everest tip (made by Tiger, who makes Sniper tips also) that is virtually the same as the Moori medium (74-75 on the tip hardness scale), but for fewer dollars.

The cue tips on my best shafts are Moori, Sniper and Everest meds. In the past few years I've tried Ram tips, Tiger softs, Royal Oaks, LePro soft, medium and hard, Stratos medium/soft, Moori medium and medium/hard, Everests, Snipers and Tsunamis, which I also like.

    I've actually tried at least 14 brands of tips, my favorites in order are:
  • Moori
  • Everest
  • Sniper
  • Tsunami
  • Talisman
  • Tiger
  • Stratos

    The above are laminated tips, the below are not:
  • LePro
  • Triumph
  • Triangle
  • Elk Master
  • Royal Oak
  • Rocket
  • Ram

I find very little difference among the top four on my list. My playing cues now have Moori, Everest, Sniper and LePro tips."

...And I am playing with similar brands also. I am pleased with three shafts recently re-tipped with soft brands/soft tips. I prefer the added feel and control provided. Viva la tips! Pool players have more choices than the "old timers" ever enjoyed in the 1950's and 60's for custom cues and more.

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