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How To Shoot Pool - Iron Defense Made Easy For You


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Avoid the Risk When Plotting Intense Billiards Strategy
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Billiards strategy becomes a desperation shot

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The game is 9-ball, requiring you to play the balls in number order plus assess billiards strategy. Consider the situation in Figure 1 above for offense vs. defense:

The offense-only shooter thinks, "Ouch, I am in a lot of trouble for the 4-ball. I better make that very difficult bank shot on the 4-ball, holding the cue ball in place to shoot the 5-ball straight into Pocket A." Desperation to make a difficult shot is never a good mindset to take to the table, it's too stressful to keep your hands steady.

Next, consider how the defense shooter makes their life easy and their opponent's hard in this example. Try to think of a defensive play for this diagram before seeing my suggestion.

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