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Arm and Hand Motion in the Classic Stroke


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Arm and Hand Motion in the Classic Stroke

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Photo (c) 2007 Matt Sherman licensed to About.com, Inc.
What is the motion of the shooting hand and shooting arm through the classic pool stroke? It is perhaps best described in photos.

All is set to prepare for an easy tossing or throwing motion with the cuestick. I wish to ignore the impact with and presence of the white cue ball and simply thrust forward on the final stroke.

The hand is relaxed and gently cradling the cue with the classic grip. I consciously have elevated my right forearm from the elbow as I am taller, this places my arm in a position from which to comfortably thrust the cue forward. My upper arm and lower arm are near a ninety degree angle. (I explode the 90-degree pool myth elsewhere.)

Your arm may hang down naturally as you are comfortable or try my raised arm move.

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