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Pool Shot Technique - Aligning Straighter Than Before

Get Straight, Most Players Aren't


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Get your pool shot technique moving with this key alignment drill

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Head, eyes, chin, fingers--Is your stick pointed at the target accurately for positive pool shot technique? Are you sure?

A common error is to be just off your aim target--Oh, your stick is pointed straight ahead through the center of the cue ball--but you are not aimed to where you think you are aimed.

This is simple to assess and then cure. Take aim at a shot--your best aim--at an object ball at least four or five feet distant from the cue ball. Elevate your hand bridge over the cue ball until you can now push your stick over the cue ball and through to the point you thought you aimed at upon the object ball.

A friend can help in this assessment or you can aim your stick using a mechanical bridge, leave the bridge in place, and then cross to the other side of the cue ball to assess your aim using a second cue stick running backward from intended point on the object ball to the cue ball itself.

If you have a slight aiming deficiency, patterns will crop up and you will miss balls consistently to one side.

The fix in most cases is simply to adjust to a more professional stance at the table.

Or I can recommend a good occulist.

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