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Pool Drill - The Tee Shot Pool Drill

This Pool Drill Tells You What I Can't Say


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Pool Drill

Photo courtesy of Thomas Collins/Getty Images
I'm encouraged by this excellent pool drill, developed by fellow pool instructor Todd Leveck, author of Aiming On The Cutting Edge, a pool aiming and pool drill primer. It tells you what I couldn't say unless I was over your shoulder for a private lesson--which side you tend to miss your straight strokes on.

Pool Drill Tells You What You Need In Five Shots

Simply take a pair of wooden golf tees to the table, setting them upside down on the cloth just wider then your cue stick's tip width. Stroke between them with a center ball stroke. I bet you can guess what else to assess using this pool drill.

You've got it right if you said, "a straight stroke will go between the tees, while an errant stroke will knock down either tee." Correct! And most players tend to go one way or the other with their strokes. The typical right-handed amateur tends to stroke off toward their right while facing the cue ball.

Stick a couple of golf tees in your case and again, you have a stroke improvement pool drill that works fast, here at About.com.

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