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How To Hold The Pool Cue - A Closer Look

A how to article on exactly where the darn thing goes


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How to pool? Grip like I!

Photo (c) Matt Sherman 2008, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Any pool "how to" requires this closer examination of holding and gripping the pool cue accurately.

The simplest method I use to illustrate how to grip a cue stick is by outlining a small area of my hand using Master brand chalk. Inside the semi-circle, along the first knuckles of my fingers and a bit of incidental contact with the palm for the most part, is where all the action takes place.

Precisely where my hand touches the stick is a matter of ease and flexibility. Like many players, my hand may roll along the stick's length or circumference during the stroke, or the stick may roll along my hand.

I wrote "like many players" as I meant many skilled players. Most amateurs grip the cue far too tightly. It's a loose grip, with lots of play and freedom of movement in the shooting hand.

This section at Pool & Billiards at About.com has numerous tips and instructional photos to steer you in the proper methods of pool shooting.

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