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Buy A Pool Table - How To Buy A Pool Table Right

Buy Your Next New Or Used Pool Table By Being Informed


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Plan your next buy of a pool table carefully--it ought to be your last

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Buy A Pool Table That's Right For 100 Years

Buying a pool table is a huge investment, especially when you recognize how a properly cared for table can run into the thousands of dollars yet last for over a century!

I'm seeking your responses, do you feel this pool table offering is quality or not? My opinions appear just below as well.

A concerned but avid pool player and About.com reader writes about a particular pool table buy:

"Hello Mr. Sherman:

I have enjoyed your articles on billiards very much. I love to play pocket billiards - I am retiring and am looking to purchase my own home table.

My budget is in the 1-2 thousand dollars range. I have run across a site that offers what appears to be decent quality tables to buy (see sample specs below).

They also offer (local to me) quote "professional installation" of the table. Would be interested in your opinion...

Thanks so much.

Best Regards

Tom S."

The SEQUOIA 8' Slate Pool Table
This bargain priced 8' table is unique in its class!
100% Costal Maple Hardwood Construction
* 3/4" diamond honed slate for a true roll * BCA Approved * Diamond Sites * 100% Real Leather Pockets

Made only for us by a major manufacturer of quality pool tables, the Sequoia is unique in its class

* The only true Lifetime warranty in its class! * Dual leg bolts for added stability and longevity. * The frame is all hardwood like a true piece of fine furniture. VS: The low end metal bracket joints like our competitors tables. * True 4 beam construction found only in tables selling for much, much more! * Each beam is 1.5" wide by 3.5" deep * Exclusive hardwood slate pad that provides more foundation for the slate bed , allows you to staple the cloth to the bed for easy installation and changing the cloth is simple down the road! * 3/4 slate play bed * Full profile 5" rails include diamond sights * K-66 Master Speed regulation Gum Rubber bumpers for tournament play. * True old fashioned genuine leather pockets with #6 cast iron posts for a pocket that will stand the test of time.

* Our tables include your choice of Mali 21oz cloth. Stain resistant for long life View Cloth

* Available In Oak as shown

Let our factory install the cloth on the rails for you! Making installation a breeze. Only $100.00 For this feature! Cloth:

List Price: $2,399.99 Price: $1,399.99

Buy The Pool Table Of Your Dreams

Here's the deal. There are alternatives for used or new pool tables and if you're going to drop a grand or more on a quality table, different perspectives for new and used work. I've prepared a few general guides including these and many others:

...And the list goes on and on. I also have written extensively in books, magazines and online about testing used and new tables, but the biggest pointer I can give you is to have your new table properly installed (most installers do a semi-lousy installation) and/or to have any used table properly handled (again, most do a poor job).

I highly, highly recommend a little gem of a book called Pool Tables 101 by Doug Walters. The bottom line with the book is that Doug knows how to buy a pool table correctly, and knows how to install tables accurately, better than most anyone, frankly, having done extensive work on new to century-old antique tables and having run multiple pool table shops and teams of table installers.

I gave this book 4.5 out of 5 stars, and a full review of this ultimate "buy pool table tool" is here online.

Buy The Pool Table Whose SPACE You Can Afford

I'd also like to ask, Tom, why it is you chose an 8-foot table rather than buy a 9-foot table? With a price range moving toward $2,000 U.S. I'm sure you can find a quality used or new table in the larger size. Why? Because the bigger the table, the more your stroke and skills can increase as I discuss in pool table size differences.

I talk about pool table sizes to buy across this website:

And etc, etc. around this Pool and Billiards GuideSite

Tom, I'd review some of the specs at the site you listed at as good. I'd also encourage you to consider a tried and tested manufacturer such as Brunswick Billiards. And why not? They've been at it for over 150 years now. If I had to buy a pool table tomorrow, I'd think Brunswick and perhaps their Gold Crown Line.

In closing, I'd invite readers to submit their comments. What do you think of the specs as presented here? And how would you move if you had to buy a pool table tomorrow? New, used or (sigh) build your own?

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