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Simply The Best - Best Billiards Tables

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Best Billiards Tables, buying your pool table, bar snooker poolrooms tips

Exotic "Gold Drops" pool table felt

Photo courtesy of ArtScape
Except for the best billiards tables that received play testing as showroom models available at a discount, any new table should be utterly free from defects. If the bulk of the table is wood, the same criteria used to judge other costly wooden furniture determines general quality.

The table's sides, rails and pockets should be fitted together without visible gaps or cracks. The pockets, each firmly fitted with their plastic insert if they have one, should not move, even slightly, when balls strike them hard.

Quality pool tables, even when played upon many hours each day, can remain in top shape for fifty years or more. Give your table regular maintenance and tender loving care.

Changing the felt every year or two, and the playing card slipped beneath a leg as a shim to keep the surface level, may be all you need to keep the table in top condition. Careful with jump and massé shots! They damage table and cue when done improperly.

Don't skimp and only consider the best billiards tables for your home or poolroom, your family or customers will thank you with their patronage.

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