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Move Through the World of Pool Looking Right

What equipment can or should you bring to a tournament at your local hall? The most important item to bring is a thoroughgoing knowledge of the behaviors that make for the best competition and fine sportsmanship. And, you will look good, too. Learn how to move in the poolroom before you visit.

5 Ways To Lose Pool Stylishly - Or How To Get Your Mental Billiards Online
Here are 5 ways to lose pool stylishly, without getting your mental billiards online. Learn the secrets of the pool winners.

A Photo Shoot We Did To Illustrate Pool Fun
Out photo shoot from a wild and wooly trick shot that should be rarely attempted.

A Proper Cue Stick Grip - Do It Right
It's time again to look at the proper cue stick grip--here in words and photos along with pro secrets of the grip.

Answers From Our Pool Test
The answers to our pool test may surprise you. See what you know or would have guessed from our recent quiz.

Earn Respect in a Tournament
Learn how to behave yourself in a pool tournament--or the referee just might disqualify you and your teammates.

Greatest Pool - It's Yours, Even If You Think You Can't
You can play against the greatest in pool and win. Believe it--I teach you how.

GTS Billiards And Pool Updates
GTS Billiards And Pool Updates from the masters

Here's Why Our Free Pool Newsletter Is A Hit
Here's why I recommend you sign on for our free pool and billiards weekly newsletter from our home page at this About.com GuideSite.

Pool Practice Moves You Should (And Should Not) Do
These billiards moves will make any player stronger, instantly!

How To Practice Pool Skills Effectively – A Primer
How to practice skills effectively and get on a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement in billiards.

Pool Action
Pool action continues. I explain exactly how I stand to the ball so that I almost never miss shots.

Head Aim - Get Your Head In (Out) Of The Game Correctly
The head stays down this way and the chin does NOT cover the stick this way...

Pool Clinics - Billiards Instruction From The Master
The finest pool clinics will emphasize these fundamentals and advanced concepts as taught by "Quick Draw" himself.

Pool Instructions From The Master Player
I have researched many pool instructions from many teachers and found my pool and billiards game still wasn't enough until I followed this specific advice.

Pool With Class? - Top 8 Ways to Get Ejected From a Pool Hall!
What must you do (and not do) to be looked upon as a champ, not a chump, at your local billiards parlor?

Ten More Myths That Can Wreck Your Game
If you want to learn how to play great pool and billiards, you ought to banish these 10 myths from your mind.

How To Improve Your Pool Stroke - By Tiger Woods?
How to improve your pool stroke - why, use golf equipment, of course.

Ye Olde Permission Forgiveness Dilemma - Applied In Pool
It's the old permission forgiveness dilemma--applied in pool and billiards.

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