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The Right And Wrong Ways To Draw the Cue Ball


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Draw Shots - Fluidly Made
The Right And Wrong Ways To Draw the Cue Ball

A smooth draw shot

Photo (c) Matt Sherman
"Nice and easy does it... every time," just as Sinatra sang.

In contrast to the previous photo, in this photo, I have allowed my shooting hand to linger down low, quite near the table surface. The cue ball will receive draw spin as planned, easily and without added effort on my part.Note the extreme bend of the cue shaft along the table. The stick's tip has followed through with the motion of the stroke to the felt, and is now sliding along the cloth of the table as my follow-through continues on. Most cuesticks are this flexible.

Note that it was a gentle shooting motion, taken smoothly back and then through, that caused this bend. How often I lecture my students on the excellencies of gentle pool strokes!

It doesn't make the shooter less of a man (or woman) to take soft and medium speed strokes. As a matter of fact, I just wrote a two-part article called "Natural Strokes", basically 1,500 words extolling never hitting the ball harder than you have to but calculating cloth effects on the cue ball.

In this way, the expert can run a table using 8 or 9 medium and soft speed strokes while the suckers keep trying to make custom speed strokes for different shots.

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