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The Triple Loosen Draw

These Are Three Key Thoughts I Use To "Suck The Rock" Backwards


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Pool draw is enhanced with a loose, released stroke

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Adding pool draw is easy if you follow my 3-step recipe.

The Pros Draw The Cue Ball In Three Easy Steps

There are three things most professionals do to enhance their draw strokes:

1. Loosen their hold on the cue stick
2. Loosen their clasp on the cue stick
3. Loosen on the cue stick!

These three key movements are down at three distinct times for many:

1. As the shooting hand draws back to begin the final backstroke
2. As the hand comes forward on the final forward stroke
3. As the cue tip comes through the cue ball

The pro knows nothing should impede the natural forward motion of the cue stick (SRS) for the pool draw stroke. They also grip loosely to begin with (SRS) so this is quite the release into the final stroke. Boom! And the cue flies forward and the drawn ball spins in awesome fashion.

I can shoot at a ball nine feet away and draw the cue back to my fingers again—using a cheap house cue off the nearest wall rack and not my $2,000 dollar stick. A strong pro can draw the ball twice the length of the table, even three table lengths on fast cloth as needed. This is accomplished with a loosely played stroke.

The loose movement is how the pro gets so much more spin than the amateur with the same stick, even the same length of stroke.

Here’s a recipe for learning the triple loosen draw shot. Start by setting the cue ball fairly close to an object ball (perhaps one diamond’s length distant). Aim lower on the cue ball than you normally would to draw (unless you are already near bottom and a miscue for your draw strokes). Shoot through the cue ball with a loose grip. Bake until massive draw and/or seamless, effortless draw is achieved.

Don’t quit on the pool draw stroke. The cue stick needs to accelerate through the cue ball rather than hit it and quit it. But overall this is a silken, smooth draw stroke.

Try it and see. Send your comments and updates and reply to this article.

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