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Spin Banks - Sharpen Your Bank Technique In Mere Minutes


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Pool And Billiard Spin Banks
Bank Shots

A hard (fast) inside bank shot - the 4-ball path in the diagram

Photo (c) Matt Sherman, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Spin banks are a deadly weapon in light of the right instructions. They will make all your pool banks easier in less than a minute's practice.

All you need do is fire a couple of hard inside banks (the purple 4-ball track) into a side pocket to start your session. The harder stroke creates faster speed, which along with the inside english, (in this case, a bit of left hand english) narrows the shot rebound off the rail.

This tighter rebound path means you're aiming that line straight into the side pocket rather than attaching the pocket from a wide angle. Now you know why the pros hit their close-to-the-side banks fast with a dash of inside english.

This next technique will do wonders for your banking also...

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