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Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Pool English


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Pool English Tips - Three Ways To Go With These
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You asked so we keep the pool english tips and stroke tips coming along

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Pool english tips? There are three variants on english technique. Learn all three strokes here at About.com.

English Mistake #6: Using a pivot english stroke. There are three variants on english technique. One, the pivot stroke, is avoided by the pros and might be causing your errors.

For the left english today’s reader described, I either bring both hands holding the cue stick to the left of the cue ball, then shoot on a parallel path to the line straight through cue ball center (known as “parallel english”) or I apply a dash of twisting movement off a straight center stroke at the last moment before impact (see #3, “backwards english” above when taken after impact) to provide left english. Twisting at the last moment off straight line movement is called a “carabao english” stroke.

The third way to produce english is fraught with risk. Known as “pivot english”, you would move only the shooting hand off center and not the bridge hand. You would be twisting the cue stick excessively before taking any stroke. All too easy to squirt off line (#4 above) with a pivot and mistakenly take an object ball to the left instead of the right side of the table with left-hand english.

For example, when striking with parallel left english, the center of my cue tip effects impact with the cue ball. If you hit left pivot english instead, the right edge only of the tip hits the cue ball, and often, squirts the cue to the right, cutting the object ball left.

Let me sum for you—don’t employ pivot english and avoid squirt--and also add several solutions as below to enhance your pool english play...

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