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Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Pool English


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Pool English Mistakes Were Made...
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Pool english transfers basically to the next ball only

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A reader takes object balls out for a pool english side-spin:

“...Great info that you've got on the website, Matt. I want to dig a little deeper with a pool english and sidespin issue?

When I practice billiards cut shots, balls are thrown to the same side as the type of english that I apply, i.e. left english on the cue ball yields the object ball being thrown to the left. [That is to say, the object ball rolls left of its intended line--Pool Guide]

I've compensated for this directional throw by adjusting my aiming line--but I was told by a room owner left english on a cue ball sends the object ball to the RIGHT and vice versa for using right english--the ball should go left and not right off the line. Am I getting the correct results with my cut shot practice, when the object ball is thrown to the same side as the english applied, or is what the billiards hall owner told me true?

I was thinking of some of the possible causes if I'm the one that's wrong. Maybe I'm hitting too far outside from the center of the cue ball or maybe I should aim to make more of a full hit on the object ball.

If I'm right, I'll continue on my path of learning. If I'm wrong, what can I do to correct myself?”

Pool english can get quite complicated so bear with my “10 pool english points” (pool english uses an uncapitalized english as opposed to the english language):

English Mistake #10: Not confirming your choice of ball to influence. With rare but possible exceptions, attempting left english on the cue ball should send the next ball it hits to the right and vice versa. An exception might include the fact that an object ball struck with left english has right english and will then transfer left english to a second ball it strikes in turn.

The amount of english transferred to this second (or third, etc.) ball is very small and effects are almost negligible. I'm guessing the issue here isn't a combination shot.

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