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Basic Bank Shots


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Banking The 1-Ball Cross-Corner
banking cross-corner

There goes that 1-ball...

Photo (c) Matt Sherman 2008, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Simply drive the cue ball from its present position to meet the ghost ball as diagrammed to make this spectacular looking bank shot with ease.

Take the bank calculation with a grain of salt as english derived from impact with the cue ball on any oblique angle or with the stroke can affect the path of the object ball. Draw or topspin and speed also effect the bank stroke.

Bank shot calculations as indicated are correct for any one rail bank--if the cue ball is spinning into the cushion at time of impact.

Having said that, you can do the calculation for any bank faster than you read it on these pages. A mere ten minutes' practice (okay, for some it will take about 30 seconds of practice) drawing these imaginary lines with the aid of a cue stick will save your win hundreds of times. You have a good career ahead in banking...

The banks are now open!

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