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Specialty Shots

These are important techniques, specialty strokes for different pool shots you will encounter at the table. Impress your friends and dazzle your opponents.

How To Shoot Backhand English Successfully - Begin With Correct Alignment
Here's how "backhand english" can do wonders for your pool game.

3 Pro Techniques For Your Choice Of Bank Shot
What makes a bank shot so difficult? You are not aiming at a typical target but an imagined rail point.

English Mistakes - Avoid Them Using Secrets Of Sidespin
Avoid costly english mistakes with these secrets of sidespin--turn pro and hustler knowledge to work for you now.

9-Ball Break - Two Moves For An Improved 9-Ball Break
I teach you a 9-Ball break with amazing results.

All About Jump Shots - Cues And Methods
All about jump shots including aim, technique and special equipment to get your cue ball high, fast.

Draw The Cue Ball Back More Easily Than Before
I've reduced pool draw to (one!) easy step anyone can follow for improved billiards play.

Banking Like The Pros
I’d like to explain to you why it is that pro pool shooters often smack bank shots to the pockets at great speed and with a dash of english, too. How would you bank the striped ball to the opposite side pocket?

Basic Bank Shots
Aiming bank shots in pool and billiards with precision is easy, if you use this method, which relies upon an aiming secret you already know.

Demolish Your 9-Ball Pool Break
An interesting pool break question today from a devoted website reader. A fellow writes to ask if...

Carom Billiards Genius – One Ball To Glory
The expert carom billiardist loves the same cue ball that jilts the novice. We'll fix that with this article...

Center Ball Stroke Photos
A high-speed photo study of center ball strokes in pool. Enjoy this billiards one on one instruction in the basics of center ball work.

Kick Shot Pool - The Kick Shot Properly Aimed In Pool
A kick shot in pool is the annoying little bugger where you need to drive the cue ball to a cushion before it rebounds to strike your target object ball. The pool kick shot can be converted to a deadly weapon of pool skill—you'll look like a pool hustler--if only you have a simple way to aim them with precision.

Top 10 Mistakes Made Using Pool English
Pool english question of the day as a reader takes their object balls for a spin. "I want to dig a little deeper with a pool english and sidespin issue. When I practice billiards cut shots, the object ball is always thrown to the same side as the type of english that I apply..."

Magic 8-Ball - Play To Win With A Magic 8-Ball
It's time for a little Magic 8-Ball move of the table position! A great game played great.

Multirail Bank Shots - Make 'Em More Often
Make and believe you can make even multirail bank shots using our step-by-step guides.

Spin Banks - Sharpen Your Bank Technique In Mere Minutes
Spin banks are a deadly weapon in light of the right instructions. They will make all your pool banks easier in less than a minute's practice.

Ten Top Break Shot Tips
Drum roll, please! The top ten tips on breaking in pool and billiards--for when you want an open break to scatter the balls to the winds.

Body English - A New Way To Shoot Billiards English
There are three typical ways to shoot billiards english, but today I'll share a fourth billiards english technique I think you'll find to be superb.

The Break Shot - Two Moves For An Outstanding Break Shot
Break Shot Moves For Beginners And Advanced Pool Shooters

Three Ball Tight Rack - A Look At The New Pool Tight Rack
I’ve been preaching about busting open a tight rack of balls, but how can you have a tight rack without a quality racking device--like this pool 3-Ball Rack?

Pool And Billiards Body English - It Works
A fascinating look at billiards english turned body english. Very few players know this move!

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