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Diamond Systems Are Forever - New Billiard Table Feature - Lit Diamond Systems!

Ken Tewksbury "Lights Up My Life"


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Diamond systems are a thing of the past when lights can be flipped in any sequence

Billiards Photo courtesy of Ken Tewksbury
“Diamond systems”, detailing how to work the cue ball to touch several cushions around the table on a path completing an odd triangle or parallelogram, are among the hardest items to teach any pool novitiate. I’m a fan of Ken Tewksbury’s outstanding methodologies for teaching the sport of pool to beginners and advanced players alike. Add spot lighting to the rails of a pool table where the <a href= http://billiards.about.com/od/d/g/d_diamond.htm]diamond markers</a> are, then toggle the lights on and off to represent aim points for multi-rail diamond shots.

A photo gallery of the new “diamond systems lit table” is included, with the lights on and off as shown, plus the switch panel. Sharp-eyed viewers will notice Ken did not place any lighting where the table’s nameplate is located (bearing the manufacturer’s table mark) as he didn't want to muss the table any further than necessary.

The “magic diamond systems table” also made the difference in money for his poolroom this winter when it was 10 degrees Fahrenheit with two feet of snow on the ground, players tending to stay home nights where it is warmer.

Ken writes:

“...The lit diamonds have enacted a very interesting concept, as you know, when teaching the diamond systems, some have a hard time trying to understand how it works mathematically to calculate multi-rail kicks and banks. By lighting the diamonds, they <i>see</i> the angles of incidence, and it seems to make far more sense to them.

So many of my lessons these days are on the diamond systems, as players need to know how to kick at balls they are blocked from shooting straight on, especially in “hide and seek” games like 9-Ball...

The way I teach diamond systems is so easy the most people wonder why it shows it another way in most all books! I'm sure that you also know that once they learn the kicking systems then banking becomes just a normal shot using the diamonds.

Gallery of Diamond Systems Table

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