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Billiard Greats Who Make Pool Grand

Some think top professionals and pool hustlers never cross paths. Is it possible instead that pros and top hustlers are one and the same people? Explore pool's darker side and greater lights with us, and some pool shootin' celebrities, too.
  1. Arness Vs. Mosconi (15)
  2. Celebrity Shooters (14)
  3. Hall Of Fame Greats (14)
  4. Players Talk Back (11)
  5. Players To Watch (15)

The Best Pool Player Ever
The best player? We've got a short list of the best pool shooters, ever. But we'd love to hear you sound off on who you think tops them all!

The Worst Pool Advice You’ve Ever Received
Sound Off On The Stink Of Bad Advice - There are many pool teachers who hone their craft constantly. These countless unsung heroes of pool tell it like it is and help improve your game. Other teachers, however, “stink on ice”, and give mostly worthless advice.

You, The Player To Watch For The Greatest Billiards Game
Improving your billiards game may be a short step or way or no, but you are the player to watch for several reasons.

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