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Pool League Strategy

Take a few minutes now and save many billiards headaches later...


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Pool league success awaits, my friends!

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Reprinted by permission, this is how you can generate much interest in a pool league. Tell your billiards league manager today about these moves.

Study the notes from this successful league flyer carefully, they could save your local pool league!

Tentative prize fund for the [NAME OMITTED] POOL LEAGUE

If we charge $10 per week per player, every team in the league will win cash! This, plus a format that puts EVERY team in the championship playoffs! Teams will be seeded in the playoffs, so that no team can drop more than one spot on the prize list. Regular season will run 14 weeks, plus two weeks for the playoffs, for which there are no fees.

PRIZE FUND based on eight 5-person teams:

First place team... $1,000

Second place... $700

Third place... $500

Fourth place... $300

Fifth place... $200

Sixth place... $150

Seventh place... $100

Eighth place... $100

High Ave. each team (40 or more games)... $25 x 7 = $175

League MVP Men... $100

League MVP Women... $55

Total cash prizes... $3,380

Operating expenses... $540

Table time, $120 per week X 14 weeks = $1,680

Total League Fund... $5,600

This League Fund could be increased by team sponsor fees; restaurants, nightclubs and other businesses sponsor teams in many leagues.

Your League Director, [name omitted], has experience playing in and/or directing MPA, NPBA, VNEA, APA and BCA leagues and tournaments, and has been a Certified Instructor since [date omitted].

Pool League funds will be held in a joint account requiring two signatures; that of the League Director and a second person to be chosen by players. The League Director will see that the league is properly sanctioned, and will keep all league records, posting weekly team and individual standings. Team captains will meet to resolve any problems or disputes. [League Director] and two other players will be chosen to serve as "referees" to call close shots as requested by players.

...And that's how you generate buzz and action for your pool league. Take heed, room owners!

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