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Hot Women Of Pool - The Rack Starz Launch

Beauty, And Beating You At The Tables


The new Rack Starz Calendar launched high at Amsterdam Billiards this month. Check out our exclusive report.

1. The Rack Starz

rack starz, women of pool, women of billiards
Photo courtesy of Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Oh, they're stars indeed, those hot women of pool, the rock stars of pocket billiards, the Rack Starz!

What's on your mind when I say, "pool and billiards?" Do you first think of talented, intelligent, sexy women? Look at the who's who of pool list of the Rack Starz members:

Jennifer Barretta, "9MM"
2011 Predator Tour Open 10-Ball Champion

Gail Glazebrook, "g2"
2010 National 8-Ball Champion

Emily Duddy
2010 WPBA Rookie of the Year

Borana Andoni
2010 Predator 9-ball Tour Female Player of the Year

Alison Fisher, "The Quiet Storm"
Wisconsin State Team Champion

Caroline Pao, "Capow"
2010 Mezz Tour Female Player of the Year

Supadra Geronimo, "Supa Girl"
2011 Mezz Women Tour Champion

Yomaylin Feliz, "Smiley"
2009 Tri-State Tour Champion

Michele Li, "Shelly"
2011 BCA National 9-ball Runner Up

Liz Ford
Top Women's Professional Billiards Association Player

Neslihan Gurel, "Nes"
2010 Tri-State Champion

Olga Gashkova, "OG"

2010 Women's Trick Shot Champion

Televised women's pro pool is surpassing the men's for fans and ratings. The Rack Starz are 12 of the loveliest and most talented reasons why.

2. Rack Starz Are Hot Women, And Just As Hot At The Tables

Rack Starz Logo
Image courtesy of Rack Starz

An extraordinary gathering of talent, beauty, and intelligence has come together as the Rack Starz... the hottest thing to happen to pool since... well, ever!

In my recent interview, these marvelous ambassadors for our sport were in no way ashamed of their sexuality and can wear their responsibility as atheletes and sportsmen--while being hot women of pool and billiards for their many fans.

The Rack Starz are a group of 12 brilliant and lovely women poised to reinvent our sport, and bring it into the mainsteam. Athletes and billiards experts, sure, but also moms, models, actors, nutritionists, CEOs, and marketing analysts.

Many of the Starz hold advanced collegiate degrees and these women are fluent in more than 15 languages--ambassadors for the world of billiards.

Cofounder Robert Moore wrote of his Rack Starz endeavor recently that "Jackie Gleason got your attention; Paul Newman and Tom Cruise made pool cool, but the Rack Starz are ready to make pool bigger than the WWF and larger than life. Lying ahead is a once in-a-life-time phenomenon so incredible and dynamic, you won't want to miss it."

Moore knows a smart promotion opportunity when he sees it. He continues, "The licensing, reality television, and international marketing potential will make the Rack Starz a brand recognized around the world. There is nothing hotter than a sexy woman bending over a pool table to take a shot, but the women of Rack Starz can crank up the temperature to a steady boil."

And at this About.com GuideSite, we tend to agree with Moore's assessment. Looks like we'll have a fascinating look at another side of pool throughout the coming year--not to mention a lovely calendar from the hot women of pool who are heating up billiards tables everywhere this year!

Order The 2012-2013 Rack Starz Limited-Edition Collector Series Calendar

3. Calendar Release Party A Smash (Break) At Amsterdam

Amsterdam Billiards Pool Leagues
Photo courtesy of Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

The ladies took to a New York unveiling of their new Rack Starz calendar last month at Amsterdam Billiards, NY's first upscale billiards parlor and a great contributor to Manhattan's pool revival (many new halls from a low of only one, Julian's, in the 1990's).

Home to some of the best 14.1 Continuous aficionados on Earth and the biggest co-ed leagues in America, Amsterdam was a great venue for the Rack Starz to debut and strut their stuff.

Gail "g2" Glazebrook of the Rack Starz said, "Amsterdam Billiards is the place to play pool in New York City. Offering a range of players from beginner to professional, leagues that accommodate them all, and a fully stocked bar with friendly wait staff, Amsterdam Billiards is where pool and pleasure come together."

"It's the place to be whether you're a world champion or want to have a fun first date," continued her colleague Jennifer "9MM" Barretta.

I can only concur, having hobnobbed with celebrities and top pool pros many times on happy visits to Amsterdam in Manhattan. And I was pleased to recently interview some of the Starz, and will have a full report for About.com's readers next week. --Matt "Quick Draw" Sherman

While you're waiting on that interview, buy your copy of the Rack Starz Limited Edition Calendar.

The Rack Starz have developed a project called Animals Behind The 8-Ball whose mission helps save abused and homeless animals while promoting education. The Rack Starz are working closely with a variety of foundations and organizations across America supporting animal protection and humane treatment.

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