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A Portable Billiards Table With A Professional Surface

GTS Has Developed A Triumph Of Billiards Engineering


Portable Billiards Pool Table

Portable Billiards Pool Table

Photo courtesy of Steve Lillis
A portable pool table that plays like a quality, pro table now nears completion for the use of good friends of this Pool and Billiards GuideSite. See more below--Matt Sherman

The Start of Something Big

What an exciting month of ministry with local events, projects and opportunities that have been in the works for years, finally beginning to come together. At Hawthorne Gospel Church Steve Lillis taught a Leadership Class and then did a 2012 Philippines video presentation that was completed just this month for the "Serving Hands" ladies, who make the thousands of salvation bracelets that GTS Teams take all over the world.

The message of the gospel, that Jesus died according to prophecy, and rose from the dead, so that anyone trusting Him is saved, went out in power. And at Fardale Trinity Church in Mahwah, NJ Steve did a GTS Show followed by an evening of fellowship with Bobble Ball.

A memoir of Steve's life story has finally been completed after two long years of research and editing, and securing approvals and endorsements. This book will reveal how God has worked in the life of Steve to bring him to a place where he could be used in the building of the Kingdom of God.

The book will not only share about his early years growing up in North Jersey but will mention how Steve's life spiraled out of control causing him to cry out to the Lord. It is complete with billiard stories of playing pool for the U.S. Navy along with his many road travels and the people God used to draw Steve to Himself.

The drama of a man torn between two women and the will of God will expose the truth about why God would have a man be the "husband of one wife". And finally the return of Steve's wife Camille while Gospel Trick Shot Ministries, Inc. was in full stride makes for an exciting book climax!

To complement the publishing of the book a brand new portable pool table as shown on this page is being completed in Los Angeles by Source Enterprises. This table has been in the design, construction, and completion stages for the past two plus years as well.

As far back as ten years ago Steve began a search for a portable pool table that would play just like a professional table. And now we have it! Praise God! The table will be shipped to New Jersey by March in time for the upcoming shows and outreaches in April that will require a portable pool table.

The main event will be a GTS World Outreach fundraiser at Calvary Temple in Wayne, NJ on April 9th at 7 PM. This beautiful church has elevated seating in the sanctuary for 1,800 people. World Champions Mike Massey and Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman will assist Steve in this fundraiser as they will share their talents and testimony. The GTS World Vision will be revealed live and on video!

For years Mike, Tom, and Steve have trained a whole new generation of Gospel Trick Shot Artists like Jason "The Michigan Kid" Lynch, Wayne Parker, Rodney Fontaine, Brian Pauley, Robbie Peacock, Curtis Robertson, and Michael Hewitt along with veterans like Steve Geller, LoreeJon Hasson, Robin Dodson, Tommy Kennedy, and Belinda Calhoun who all now want to go out into the world and share their love for Jesus Christ via billiards tables and pool fans.

We have countries besides the United States, like Albania, Kenya, China, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea, Honduras, Guatemala, Egypt, Iraq, and the Arabian Peninsula, countries where we have done outreach and have many contacts. And in some countries GTS teams and helpers are already up and running.

We hope to raise $100,000 by the grace of God at the fundraiser at Calvary Temple to send GTS teams back to those ten countries where we have been effective for the Kingdom. The portable table will also be available for a GTS Shows at the Hopkins Expo and the William Paterson University Student Center Ballroom in April as well. Please pray for us as we prepare!

GTS Calendar 2013 changes and additions are forthcoming…

>2/19/13 - 2/20/13 - School billiard tournament and Gospel Trick Shot Show at Southern Illinois University with Mike Massey, Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman and Steve Lillis working with SIU Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

>February/March 2013 (TBD) - Gospel Trick Shot shows and testimonies at a local pool room and the Hopeful Baptist Church in Lake City, Florida with members of the GTS RACK Team led by Rodney "Triple P" Fontaine.

>Winter 2013 (TBD) - GTS Show at the Jericho Road Men's Shelter in Paterson, NJ.

>4/4/13 - 4/7/13 - Hopkins Expo in the NJ Convention and Expo Center in Edison, NJ with tournaments, GTS Shows and Bible studies.

>4/9/13 - GTS World Outreach Fundraiser with Mike Massey, Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, and Steve Lillis at Calvary Temple in Wayne, NJ in the sanctuary at 7 PM.

>4/10/13 (TBD) - GTS Show with Mike Massey, Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman, and Steve Lillis in the Student Center Ballroom working with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF).

>4/17/13 - 4/20/13 (TBD) - Christian Sports and Recreation Ministry Summit at the Chicago Kroc Center with GTS/RACK Team members.

>Spring 2013 (TBD) - Gospel Trick Shot Show with Steve Lillis at (NJIT) New Jersey Institute of Technology in Newark, NJ working with IVCF.

>5/5/13 - Steve Lillis will be teaching the "Leadership Class" at the Hawthorne Gospel Church at 10 A.M. during the Sunday School Hour.

>May/June 2013(TBD) - Shanghai, China; Luzon, Negroes, and Cebu, Philippines; Nairobi, Kenya in Africa; Tirana and Korce, Albania; and the Arabian Peninsula for the GTS "RACK of a Victory" World Tour to revisit ministries and areas for GTS follow-up and training.

>7/17/13 - 7/27/13 - BCAPL annual event at the Rio in Las Vegas with the 2013 WPA World Artistic Pool Championship and GTS/RACK Room Bible studies and outreach.

>9/14/13 - GTS RACK Team Show in Orlando, FL with Mike Massey, Steve Lillis, and Tom "Dr. Cue" Rossman for our Disabled Veterans and Military and their families.

>Nov/Dec 2013 (TBD) - Artistic Cup VII with Tom "Dr. Cue" and Marty "Ms. Cue" Rossman and members of the GTS RACK Team.

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