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Rack Starz - Interviews With The Pro Pool Ladies Of Glamour


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Jennifer "9MM" Barretta Of The Rack Starz
Jennifer Barretta Pool Billiards

Jennifer "9MM" Barretta dazzles at New York's Amsterdam Billiards

Photo courtesy Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

On Friday, November 18, over 200 pro and amateur billiard players joined celebrity VIP's, the New York media and fans gathered at Union Square's upscale billiards club, Amsterdam Billiards at 110 East 11th Street in Manhattan for the Rack Starz debut and official calendar unveiling.

Details Of The Rack Starz Junket

I had the privilege to interview some of the lovely "Starz" on the 18th including the beautiful and talented Alison Fischer, Gail Glazebrook, Jennifer Barretta, Liz Ford and Yomaylin Feliz (lucky me!) and I know you'll enjoy reading their comments on men and women, pool and sexuality, and the issues that face them at home and in competitive tournament play.

**A word with Rack Starz' Jennifer 9MM Barretta.**

She's got the same initials as James Bond and gets about as much action in her exciting life!

How will the Rack Starz help combat the image many people have of pool players and even pool professionals as unsavory characters?

Jennifer "9MM" Barretta: "Pool has had a long history of having a bad reputation--the hustling aspect, men and gambling and we're [the Rack Starz are] kind of showing you don't have to be a low life to play good pool. Look good, a cleaner sexier image than what's been out there.

We're here make a statement to the billiards world... on tour, a proud accomplishment was when I won a recent open tournament including both men and women, was the only woman in the field and beat two of the top male pros and won.

Off tour, my main life event is having and enjoying my son. He's almost five but has been on ESPN with me. I was recently on TV with him again and everyone adores him. We're living exciting lives and managing the challenges of life on tour, too."

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