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John Schmidt, aka "Mr. 400"


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John Schmidt, aka "Mr. 400", can see clearly now

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John Schmidt, aka "Mr. 400"

Claim to Fame:

John Schmidt made headlines and fans running 400 balls at Straight Pool, a feat that ranks him among the best ever at the game.


Nine Mile Billiards Parlor owner, John "Mr. 400" Schmidt, grew up in California, not playing pool until a teen at 18. Preferring golf to pool, the diminutive Schmidt could still belt a ball 280 yards and even got the chance to play with Tiger Woods.

On The Road:

Discovered to be a pool prodigy and mentored by cue craftsman Bobby Hunter, Schmidt wound up a road player for five years, honing his craft especially at Straight Pool and One Pocket, a game where he pocketed most of $200,000 in winnings around the U.S.

400 Straight:

Schmidt's current hi-runs include more than 40 sessions of Straight Pool with 200 to 285 shots taken without a miss. His best effort was 400 in a row, an effort that kept him on his feet just over three hours as he plays 14.1 at a relatively brisk pace.

In comparison, "Captain Hook" and "Kentucky Colonel" played over three hours to get into the 300 range while "The Mosc" took three hours to run 526, the official Straight Pool record.

What They'll Say 100 Years From Now:

Who can say? Perhaps it is "John Schmidt eclipsed even Mosconi's Straight Pool record..."

Then again, it is said there were practice rounds at Mosconi's home in the 600's and 700's!

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