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Shooting Pool Round Hurricane Sandy

Keeping The Faith While The Waters Rage


Shooting Pool Round Hurricane Sandy

Tommy Kennedy in fine form

Photo courtesy of All About Pool
***East Coast GTS Tours As Hurricane Sandy Approaches***

At the time of writing a dangerous hurricane is fast approaching the East Coast where Gospel Trick Shot workers are stationed and participating in various events. Steve and Camille Lillis just returned home from the annual U.S. Open 9 Ball Championships in the Virginia Beach/Norfolk area which figures to be a direct hit.

At the U.S. Open pro player Tommy Kennedy (pictured with this article) helped out with a Gospel Trick Shot Show for the players and fans. Many contacts were made for Christ during the week of competition. Special thanks to McDermott Cues as a brand new cue stick was given away as a door prize at that GTS Show.

The hurricane also figures to hit the New York/New Jersey area where Steve and Camille Lillis live. Tomorrow Steve is scheduled to head out to Upstate New York to Lake Champion to do a Gospel Trick Shot presentation for the "Big Event" which will have 450 InterVarsity campus ministry students from about 50 local colleges and universities. Hopefully, all concerned will beat the storm home.

Earlier this month Steve and Camille shared the GTS vision at two events at the (HGC) Hawthorne Gospel Church. HGC is their home church and has about 2,000 regular attendees. On 10/11/12 Steve presented to the Senior's Ministry the story of the Philippines outreach which took place last June. Many of the seniors are responsible for making those "salvation bracelets" that go all over the world and are incorporated into each GTS presentation. On 10/19/12-10/21/12 Steve, Camille, and GTS helper Scott Pruiksma all had the opportunity to share at the HGC Mission's Conference.

On Friday 10/19/12 Steve and Camille were hosted by Bob and Eve Schuit in their home in Hawthorne to share about GTS. On Saturday they attended the missions banquet with hundreds of others and dozens of HGC missionaries. On Sunday Steve and Camille shared their testimonies during a Sunday School Class and then were presented to the congregation along with other HGC missionaries in the church service.

Scott Pruiksma closed out the GTS presentations that weekend by sharing in the evening service about our encounters in the Philippines. Thanks for your prayers and support!

Honduras Update-Listed below are the names of the 125 people who signed up for Bible studies after seven GTS presentations last month. Suggestion: Pray for one pool room per day for one week. Missionaries Steve and Reina Petty are leading follow-up. Each name represents a precious soul that Jesus died for!

1. Isabel Pool Hall: Nelson Midenre, Santos Funez, Cristhian Ponce, and Jose Ronquio

2. Alvarado Pool Hall: Junior Mauricio, Pablo Diaz, Darwin Aguillo, and Juan Carlos.

3. Mariposa Pool Hall: Alex Hernandez, Melvin Garcia, Walter Zuniga, Maynor Rodriguez, Edgar Medina, Andres Herrera, Lenin Turcios, Josman Pena, Ronald Romero, Jovani Lainez, Ever Trochez, Angel Amaya, Joel Fuentes, Oscar Padilla, Kevin Antonio, Carlos Aguilar, Fernando Ferrera, Allan Aparicio, Alex Ortiz, Hector Almendarez, Don Edas, and Franklin Canales.

4. Victoria Pool Hall: Luis Vega, Cesar Ortega, Luis Acostar, Denis Martinez, Juan Antonio, Freedel Vorgas, Moises Ponce, and Cristian Dubon.

5. Diana Pool Hall: Jimenez, Alex Borjas, Merly de Borjas, Alcides Pineda, Denis Alexander, Jose Hernandez, Marcos Alvarez, Karla Arita, Oscar Arita, Blanca, Javar Barin, Rulvar Meza, Carlos Paz, Ariel Gonzales, Xavier Flores, Carlos Arila, Juan Montoya, David Espinosa, Junior Soriano, Olvan Molina, Juan Loreia, Marco Antonio, Edras Espinozo, Dennis Alexander, Javier Antonio, Javier Cruz, Juan Vorluma, Aelmis Lopez, Jesus Guerro, Olvin Montosa, Antonio Guerro, Jorje Jimenez, Reibin Paz, Manuela Gome, Crithian Javier, and Juan Castellanos.

6. Olguita Pool Hall: Victor Cobos, Olbin Hernandez, Victor Osorto, Juan Mata, Jorge Misedt, Hector Hernandez, Olman Asyilas, Juan Villanueva, Armin Moran, Carlos Caceres, Roberto Carlos, Alexis, Cesar Rojes, Juan Monguia, Jose Mejia, Olga Cobos, Nidia Moreno, Victor Gutierrez, Olga Gutierrez, Maria Cananza, Fredy Mauricio Sanchez, Carlos Mena, Fredy Lainez Sanchez, Pablo Sanchez, Juan Mata, Nelson Rosales, Horacio Mareno, Jofe Molina, Omar Lopez, and Oscar Chavez.

7. Olympia Pool Hall: Raul Bautista, Francisco Acosta, Carlos Conno, Julio Crivelli, Reme Sanchez, Deli Matute, Reynaldo Mendoza, Momel Murillo, Omar Toro, Elvin Turcios, Henry Yanes, Isias Gomez, Leonard Nogueia, Marco Espinoza, Julio Volllson, Nelson Rosales, Samuel Hernandez, Antonio Bunitez, Melvin Vargas, Nelson Gomez, and Marcos Orellana.


GTS Calendar 2012 - 2013 changes and additions are forthcoming.

11/1/12 - GTS Annual Board Meeting in Haledon, New Jersey from 7:45 P.M. to 9:00 P.M.

Nov/Dec 2012 (TBD) - GTS Show at the Jericho Road Men's Shelter in Paterson, NJ.

12/13/12- 12/24/12 - GTS RACK Team led by Wayne Parker of South Africa returns to Nairobi, Kenya in Africa to train GTS Africa Team in Kariobangi with Pastor Kennedy Salano.

12/27/12 - 12/31/12 (TBD) - Urbana 2012 in St. Louis, MO with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship students and leaders.

1/9/13-1/10/13 (TBD) - Gospel Trick Shot shows and testimonies at a local pool room and the Hopeful Baptist Church in Lake City, Florida with members of the GTS RACK Team.

1/14/13 - First day of classes at William Paterson and Kean Universities.

1/25/13 - Steve will speaking at the Serving Hands fellowship at the Hawthorne Gospel Church in Hawthorne, NJ at 10:30 A.M.

2/19/13 - 2/20/13 - School billiard tournament and Gospel Trick Shot Show at Southern Illinois University with Mike Massey and Steve Lillis working with SIU Chi Alpha Campus Ministries.

Spring 2013 (TBD) - Gospel Trick Shot Shows in New Jersey at Kean University game room of the student center in Union working with Campus Crusade for Christ; William Paterson University in Wayne; Farleigh Dickenson University in Teaneck; Rutgers University in New Brunswick in the game rooms working with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship (IVCF).

Spring 2013 (TBD) - Gospel Trick Shot Shows in the university section of Newark, NJ at ECC, NJIT, and Newark Rutgers working in conjunction with various campus ministries and World Impact Ministries of Newark, NJ.

June 2013(TBD) - Philippines, Africa, and the Arabian Peninsula GTS World Tour to revisit ministries and areas for GTS follow-up.

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