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Better Billiards Training - Split The Cue Ball In Half

When Your Aim Is Oddly Uneven


billiards training, cue ball, split half, pool excellence

Begin billiards training by aiming starting with the CONTACT point

Photo (c) Matt Sherman, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Split The Cue Ball In Half

Your billiards training towards excellence continues today. We'll talk soon about a straight aimed cue stick that is aimed at the wrong target. Now we simply must review your ability to aim through the cue ball center accurately, the other most frequent aim error.

You think you are dead smack through the center of the cue ball but you aren't. At the risk of oversimplifying aim, you point your cue stick through the cue ball to the point on the object ball you wish to strike with the cue ball, so that at your end of the table the cue ball is split in half...

Imagine your cue stick at address runs through the cue ball to the object ball's contact point (the point on the object ball furthest from the intended pocket, where the cue ball must impact to sink the ball). It ought to split the cue ball in twain precisely on a center ball stroke. Viewed from above, the cue ball would be a pizza you'd like sliced in two, not thirds, quarters or any other fraction of shot.

In a sense, all pool strokes are aimed the same to me because they all begin with this perfect center split of the cue ball. Take those nice round bar stools at your local poolroom-you know the ones-and line up two of them as if you are playing a pool ball cut shot. Now the stick is small in relation to the "balls". Are you splitting those pizza pies into halves perfectly or is Billy getting more mozzarella than Nancy?

1) Find the point on the object ball 2) Come back behind the cue ball 3) Keeping the tip of the cue stick toward the object ball point, ensure that the cue ball is cut into equal sections.

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