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3 Ball Breaks


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3 Ball Breaks - Another Perfect Practice
3 Ball Breaks

3 Ball Breaks Setup

Photo (c) Matt Sherman
Here is another of my practice drills that are fun for beginners and easily altered to make them challenging for more advanced players.

Rack three balls with the apex ball resting on the foot spot. If you feel lazy, just place three balls there by hand instead, as diagrammed above.

Break from anywhere in the kitchen you wish, perhaps from one of the three suggested spots for the cue ball or even closer to the head rail if that is comfortable.

Break apart these balls three times then pocket them all (in the highly likely event they are not all pocketed on the break)! If you scratch now or on any subsequent stroke, place the ball where you like in the kitchen and shoot again at your target(s). Rack and repeat nine more times.

Next, your goals with this drill...

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