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Perfect Practice - 1 Ball Feel


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Perfect Practice - 1 Ball Feel
Perfect Practice - 1 Ball Feel

Two Balls - A Great Test

Photo (c) Matt Sherman
How often have you seen a player under professional level run practice drills? Not often, I’m sure. “Scratch golfers” and “tennis buffs” practice drills often and take lessons, but sadly, most “pool players” only play and rarely improve as a result.

Many classic pool drills come across like “dullsville” so I offer herein playful, entertaining practice drills I’ve tested over the years with my students. All plays in this section are for beginners, plus each includes variations for a tougher challenge.

Most of pool concerns two balls, the cue ball and the first object ball you make it strike, so let’s start there. This little-known drill is excellent for improving your game!

The base of the 1-ball rests where imaginary lines intersect, running from the two diamonds closest to the corner pocket. The lines stem from the long rail and short rail nearby Pocket B.

Place any object ball you choose, like this pretty yellow 1-ball pictured. The cue ball goes where diagrammed or anywhere you like in the teal box Area A. Avoid setting the cue ball for a full hit, leaving it off the diagonal line that would make the aim perfectly straight from cue ball to 1-ball to pocket. By aiming along an angle, you’ll receive heightened feedback from the cue ball and 1-ball.

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