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Shooting Pool - The Best Habits Involve Keeping A Running Tab

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Shooting pool requires the eye of The Hawk

Photo courtesy of Scott Halleran/Getty Images
A Billiards@About reader queries: "Just curious, Matt, do you continue to make minor adjustments to your own stroke when shooting pool... be it feet positioning or otherwise?"

Therein lies one of the better questions I've ever heard from a student of the game. Seriously.

I take my cue (pun intended) from golfing great Ben "The Hawk" Hogan who mentioned in his instructional classic, Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf his use of a pad and pen or pencil to consistently track key swing thoughts and swing concepts.

Hogan's book inspired me in my teens to become a writer, and his methodical approach was uppermost in my mind when writing Picture Yourself Shooting Pool and this fine website.

I've done much the same for years with an active list of stance thought, key pool shots, billiards angles, and much more. I advise any player serious about the game to bring a pen and pad (or laptop, sigh) to the poolroom and to pool lessons.

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